1v1 1v1 Swiss I - Round 2

Unfortunately, I have to call act. I was looking forward to playing, but my opponent never responded and indeed, when last I checked, hadn't logged in this week at all.

If you do happen to catch me in the 1v1 room on showdown, VELCRO111, send me a pm, and I'd be happy to play some casual games.

Edit: While I'm here, I should also ask, could I perhaps withdraw from the tournament following this week? I can play week 3 I suppose if my withdrawal would really mess with the pairings.


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Calling act, no response, again lol.
Also, why am I on the 0-1 bracket when my last matchup also didn’t respond so I never lost?
Want to call act.View attachment 622354Opponent wasn't on when we were supposed to play (8:00 my time). Also can't be online so soon again tmr.
"No guarantees, but i'll try." Do not take this as a definite yes. I can play any time tmrw, you also didn't specify anything about your Sunday availability

Edit: won in 4 ggs
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