Tournament 1v1LT Playoffs [Won by UnleashOurPassion]


rules to this stuff
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deg i don't think that's how losers work. the person who lost last should fight the winner of the other 2, right??????????

dusk raimon

Banned deucer.

I say gg to toad.

"Looks like Xstatic can finally be right about people cteaming him". UNfortunalely , when someone prepare a team to counter team your 2 mains teams, it's completly unfair. I will explain : Glyx put magearna specs, gengar specs and dragonite. So, i put my second team which is Aegislash / gyara/ crustle. His magearna 3-0 me , she put shadow ball specs to 2hko aegislash , ohko gyara and beats crustle. So it's is counter team right.

SECONDLY : when i put my main team which is landorus t , metagross and primarina, she put her gengar specs, which ohko prima, ohko metagross, and ohko lando with hp ice.
THIRDLY : Toad complained too about that, Indeed apparently you have c-team him too, so in fact you are a anti player. You know what you dont have my respect, you disgusted me of this game.
Games like that should be replayed, because it"s totally unfair. If again it wa sonly me.. but no, she c-team toad too, so.. where is the fun and the competition if someoine is 100% to win ?

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