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Tournament 1v1PL III - Week 1

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won against Landon 3-2, ggs

Game 1 I got out predicted

Game 2 Press F to pay respects

Game 3 Nerf Landorus

Game 4 How2Throw101 (I could've just pressed thunderbolt)

I um, lost the replay for Game 5. I won trust me. Call some eyewitnesses or something.
Text Description:
He brings the same Chandelure Tapu Lele Carracosta team from game 1, I bring my Tyranitar Aegislash Altaria team. After many minutes of intense thinking, I send out Tyranitar and Landon sends out Chandelure. First turn he uses Substitute, and I get Tyranitar to use Rock Tomb and fade the substitute. The second turn he goes for Never Ending Nightmare which does 20% and another Rock Tomb from Tyranitar finishes it off, winning the match.


formerly SilvioGiovanna

Juuling Jumpluffs (6) vs Metro Boomin Mega Rays (2)

SM Bo7: ryyjyywyy vs Freddy Kyogre
SM: blondesasukeuchiha vs Close
SM: DenisTheMenace vs Jytcampbell
ORAS: dom vs Leru
ORAS: ggopw vs Ferno
BW: SoulWind vs Wrath of Alakazam
DPP: CrashinBoomBang vs neomon
2v2 Doubles: suapah vs Poison Adhesive

Pixiated Porygons (4) vs Hellfire Heatrans (4)

SM Bo7: UnleashOurPassion vs XSTATIC COLD
SM: Eriey vs UBERLandon21
SM: MaceMaster vs Baleblaze
ORAS: Shyom vs alive
ORAS: Catalystic vs Joker 1v1
BW: Wanonymous1616 vs ima
DPP: Magma vs TogliBabineBoeuf
2v2 Doubles: Pigeons vs motogp

RPS Rhyperiors (6) vs Frozen Articunos (2)

SM Bo7: WailJesus vs Squirtell 1v1
SM: TheShadowClaw vs Jamez155
SM: akaFila vs Huston
ORAS: Cynara vs Elo Bandit
ORAS: Sage vs RaJ.Shoot
BW: Dj Breloominati♬ vs Chaitanya
DPP: GL Volkner martha vs ThatCabbageGuy 187 Fan
2v2 Doubles: Knuckstrike vs JediR

Playful Panchams (5) vs Ecstatic Escargots (3)

SM Bo7: Osra vs Blazikin
SM: Iron Crusher vs Lancer Fr
SM: AllFourtyOne vs BigPimpin12
ORAS: TGC United vs Whaleeeee
ORAS: WhalemanCheng vs Kowasabii
BW: SolarflareRo vs ayedan
DPP: Hijasu vs TonyFlygon
2v2 Doubles: Kaif vs roman
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