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Late to the party, but better late than never. We are happy to announce what our 2018 tournament schedule will be for Ubers! This year's format will aim to give points based on the performance of users throughout our individual tournaments during this year, with it all coming together for a "Championship" playoffs to decide who is the best and most consistent Ubers player of 2018. The winner will be able to proudly display the ribbon for Smogon Metagames on their badgeset, along with specific hover text to note the tier circuit win that earned it to showcase their big achievement as an Ubers player!​

2018 Ubers Tournament Schedule

Winter / Spring

Winter Seasonal (January to late April, Type A)
Ubers Pentathlon II (late February, Type B)
Ubers Premier League VI (April*)


Summer Seasonal (May to August, Type A)
Ubers Generations Team Tournament (late June*)
Smogon Grand Slam - Ubers Open VI (July to September, Type A)

Autumn / Fall

Fall Seasonal (August to November, Type A)
The Annual ADV Ubers Tournament (August, Type C)
Smogon Snake Draft (September*)


Ubers Classic II
ORAS Ubers Cup (September, Type C)
BW2 Ubers Cup (September, Type C)
DPP Ubers Cup (October, Type C)
ADV Ubers Cup (October, Type C)

Ubers Championship I (December)

The final tournament, the Ubers Championship I, will take the points earned from all of the previous tournaments of the 2018 year and have a playoffs to determine who wins the ribbon!
The points system is explained in this post.

Seasonals and Ubers Open will be Type A tournaments. The Ubers Pentathlon features the 5 most recent generations, and will therefore be Type B. Older generation tournaments such as the annual ADV tournament and individual Cups for Ubers Classic will be classed as Type C. The Ubers Classic II will not feature a playoffs stage, unlike its first edition.

* These tournaments will NOT count towards the Ubers Ribbon due to their format either being an inclusive team tournament or a unique format.

More tournaments may appear down the line that can be eligible for Ribbon points. This isn't too likely to happen, but it is here to cover for us in the event that something comes along that is worth adding to the circuit. Any new additions will be fully announced at least two months before the tournament's starting date.
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