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Starting in 2018 each official metagame, excluding OU, will have a tournament circuit that awards a non-permanent ribbon to the most successful player that year. They are as following:

- Ubers
- UU
- RU
- NU
- PU
- LC
- Monotype
- Doubles OU

Thanks to Sgt.Moose for the artwork.

Secondly, it's up to each of the tier leaders to clearly state which tournaments are included in their circuit and will be rewarding points. Lastly, M Dragon explained how the point system for these circuits will work better than I could myself. If you still have any questions feel free to contact a TD about it.

We will divide the tournaments in 3 groups:
  • Type A: The biggest tournaments. This includes seasonals and grand slam.
  • Type B: Current gen tournaments. Big tournaments featuring exclusively current gen that are not as big as seasonals.
  • Type C: Smaller tournaments.

We give points to players that have won at least 1 round.
For example, I designed this:

So the winner of any tournament gets 500 points, 2nd place gets 375, etc
The difference between #3 and #2 is much greater than the difference between someone who lost in quarterfinals and someone who lost in semifinals.
In this way we reward players that consistently finish tournaments in good positions.

And... how are total points calculed?
The idea is simple: each player will have a number of type A tournament points (I will call them Points A), a number of type B tournament points (Points B) and a number of type C tournament points (Points C).
There will be another kind of points I will call equivalent points.

We will give the different tournament types a maximum number of equivalent points.
For example: Type A will have a maximum of 2500 equivalent points, Type B a maximum of 1700 equivalent points, and Type C a maximum of 800 equivalent points

This means that a player that has won every tournament A will have 2500 equivalent points, and a player that has won everything will have 5000 equivalent points (2500 + 1700 + 800)

And how are the equivalent points calculated for the other players?
I will explain it with an example.

In this example I am the player with most points (1750 points), so I get the 2500 equivalent points A.
Since Luigi is a noob and only has 467 points, 467 * 2500 / 1750 = 667 equivalent points.

We do the same with points B and points C, and the final ranking is determined by the total equivalent points of all 3 kind of tournaments.
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