2018 UnderUsed Tour Circuit


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2018 UnderUsed Tour Circuit

As was discussed in the previous circuit thread, beginning in 2018, UnderUsed is reorganizing its tour circuit to coincide with the calendar year. We are still maintaining the same basic structure of one official tour per season, followed by an end-of-year championships for the top performers in the circuit.

As was discussed in this thread, the winner of our 2018 UU Championships gets an additional prize: they will receive the yellow ribbon
on their badgeset!

We will be using the official scoring system outlined in the above-linked thread. Among other things, this means that we can no longer offer circuit points for team tournaments. This means that we are removing UUPL from our official tour circuit. In its place, we are making some changes to the UU Ladder Tour that typically takes place in early Spring, and making it one of our four official tours.

UUPL will still take place at the usual time, but it will no longer offer points toward the circuit.

The official 2018 tour circuit will be kicked off on January 1 with our second iteration of UU Classic, where competitors will duke it out in individual ORAS, BW, DPP and ADV cups in hopes of usurping Level 56's spot as the UU Classic champion.

  • WINTER: UnderUsed Classic II
  • SPRING: UnderUsed Ladder Tournament
  • SUMMER: Smogon Grand Slam VII - UnderUsed Open
  • FALL: UnderUsed Majors III
  • YEAR END: UnderUsed Championships II

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