PU 2019 PU Circuit Playoffs - Finals (Won by HJAD)

Definitely the best sm pu player, well deserved reward for all your efforts. Just look at the results of PUPL, Snake, the most recent winter seasonal and now the playoffs. My boy, you've done well. Much love for all your hard work <3 <3


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after much johning, many whines at the club, much donner kebab scoffed and a few too many drinks. i have overcome my fellow dedenne Rexus in 2 games, ggs brotha

dibs people will seemingly never gas you as long as you dont play, so my one goal in life will be to make sure u get gassed into the next dimension cause you deserve it brotha. you made modern day PU (well at least what i use and what the dedennes used) and its about time people acknowledge your big brain, much love
Teddeh i feel like over the years, youve sorta adopted the role of my proxy big brother. will always back you and love you, you have made my time on this site far more enjoyable and id like to think vice versa.
Taskr you could not live with your own failure, and where did that bring you? right back to me. -thanos. come to papa big boy, we have work to do.
yogi another person who doesnt get enough credit for what they're worth. you have more creativity in your fingernails than most people on the site will ever have. appreciate you my brotha
poh you'll have your time brotha. Ill always believe in you and back you when it counts. your one of the few people who is genuine and i feel like im talking to a person, as opposed to a character who am i trying to unravel.
Anty Tricking honchkrow Alpha Rabbit love u boys loads
Shaneghoul love u brotha, this is for you.
Dundies idfk what ur alt is but LMAOOOOO U GOT 6-0d like 4 years ago hahaha
Megazard whats up guys its megazard here and we are back with untier talk, i have my cohost with me here hjad, say hi, ..., and we are gonna talk about ltpl week 2786421. so lets get into the games...

there are loads of other shoutouts i could do but honestly i probably couldnt list out everybody that i would want to, so im just not gonna bother. Shoutouts to the PU community. You guys at large, no matter how many people called this a joke tier and how many people were mean and toxic to you over the years, youve stuck together and im glad such an active and intelligent playerbase is thriving on smogon. You guys genuinely make waking up every day to hive of activity in the pu discord so much better, and I couldnt have asked for a better group to call my peers and bretheren. Love you all lots, collectively pat yourselves on the back for making such a beautiful community, and lets 'av it for gen8!

shoutouts to the UK community; similarly to PU. we were (rightly) mocked and joked for how trash we were at OU, and this may still be the case. But one thing that ive seen never stop despite our attrocities and chokes on the battlefield is the sense of belonging, community and friendship we have developed over the last few months and years. There is one thing that is for certain, we will never give up, and never give in. This year will be our year to establish us back in the big leagues with a new gen, and id like to thank you all for sticking about, keeping active and being genuinely good lads. UP THE FUCKIN ARSE(nal)!!!!

I'm personally so glad to have come out with the ribbon. For PU it means that a Mainer keeps his grubby hands on something very easily taken away by bigger and better players and proves that the project we are building here is worth keeping an eye on in the future. But on a personal level, with how much time, attention and focus ive invested in this tier and community, there is no more fitting end in my eyes at the very least. God bless and see you on the battlefield in WW3 gen8 pu!
Where is my shoutout? You give the fraud of yogi a s/o and not me? What a fraud.

Ps: grats n stuff

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