2021 smogoff rands :D (FINALS: page 11, post #272)


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az try subbing with Xceloh

and you with Beachsides :)

velvet Kennedy
Roginald PrinceOfAllTacos
teresbahji ShionShadows
May M24
Lrogue LoSconosciuto
adem Grillo
Aura Coconut
FantinaFan blce
Anthonyy23 Casual dot exe
i want a lamp Chy3_14
TGA pokeblade101
martinvtran AV Cosmoem
record-breaking tally of johns so far... establish contact, you nimrods! (or you already did it somewhere other than VMs in which case proceed.)

xzern javitu
Pidge gali
u better resolve ur scheduling issues fast!

Sylveon used calm mind
not a racist
respond to opponents or you'll take the activity L.
xzern and I already played, replays are posted in this thread

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