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The 2022 Doubles OU Circuit will consist of the following tournaments:
  • Two Doubles Seasonals: Winter and Fall
  • Doubles Ladder Tournament
  • Doubles Classic III
  • Official Smogon Doubles Tournament II
  • Doubles Majors II
This all concludes with the Doubles Invitational, during which the Top 16 players based on Circuit Points earned through the year will duke it out for the Current Gen Circuit ribbon in their postbit. A breakdown of how many points can be earned via each tournament is below.

1st: 16 CP
2nd: 13 CP
3rd: 11 CP
4th: 10 CP
5th-6th: 9 CP
7th-8th: 8 CP
9th-12th: 7 CP
13th-16th: 6 CP
17th-24th: 5 CP
25th-32nd: 4 CP
33rd-48th: 3 CP
49th-64th: 2 CP
65th-96th: 1 CP

Note: If a given Seasonal has less than 96 entrants, 65th-96th place will not receive CP.

Doubles Ladder Tournament:
1st: 10 CP
2nd: 8 CP
3rd-4th: 6 CP
5th-8th: 4 CP
9th-16th: 2 CP

Doubles Classic:
1st: 13 CP
2nd: 10 CP
3rd-4th: 8 CP
5th-8th: 6 CP
9th-16th: 4 CP
17th-24th: 2 CP
25th-32nd: 1 CP

Note: The winners of each individual cup within Doubles Classic will get a 2 CP bonus added to their overall CP from Doubles Classic, while the finalists from each individual cup will get a 1 CP bonus. This bonus can be claimed twice; for example, a player who wins BW Cup and places 2nd in XY Cup and SM Cup will receive a 3 CP bonus.

Official Smogon Doubles Tournament:
1st: 22 CP
2nd: 18 CP
3rd-4th: 15 CP
5th-8th: 12 CP
9th-16th: 10 CP
17th-28th: 8 CP
Out at 7-3 (29th - 46th): 6 CP
Out at 6-3 (47th - 74th): 4 CP
Out at 5-3 (75th - 116th): 3 CP
Out at 4-3 (117th - 176th): 2 CP
Out at 3-3 (177th - 256th): 1 CP

Doubles Majors:
1st: 15 CP
2nd: 13 CP
3rd-4th: 10 CP
5th-8th: 7 CP
9th-16th: 5 CP
17th-32nd: 3 CP

1. What are Seasonals?

Seasonals are the most straightforward of our tournaments and serve as the flagship tournaments for the DOU Circuit. They are large, double elimination tournaments that generally take around 14-15 weeks to fully finish. Each round you will be paired up with an opponent and play a Bo3 SS Doubles OU set, during which you will be allowed to switch teams between games. Seasonals will be held in the Winter (January) and Fall (August). These tournaments will be seeded as well; Winter Seasonals will use the final 2021 Circuit standings to seed its entrants, while Fall Seasonals will use the current 2021 Circuit standings.

2. What is Doubles Ladder Tournament?
In this tournament, people will be signing up to ladder for a full week to rank as high as possible. The highest ranking finishers may earn a spot in the playoffs. This cycle will continue for four weeks and culminate in a single elimination, best-of-three playoff for all qualifiers. There will be four laddering periods, with four participants from each qualifying for a 16-man playoff. As always, these qualifiers will be decided by ELO at the end of the laddering period. There will be no wild card entrants or byes in playoffs. We will only have one DLT this year to make room for a new tournament, Doubles Majors (see below).

3. What is Doubles Classic?
Doubles Classic will function similarly to the Smogon Classic. It will consist of three separate single elimination tournaments played in three different tiers: SM DOU, XY DOU, and BW DOU. Based on their results in these three tournaments, the top 16 players will play out a single elimination playoff consisting of best-of-three sets, with one game played in each tier. Doubles Classic differs from Doubles Grand Prix in that it will only consist of old generation metagames. Now that we have three old generations of DOU, we can run this tournament just like Smogon Classic and not include current generation DOU. Our plan moving forward is to maintain Doubles Classic as an oldgens tournament, giving our past formats a chance to remain involved in the official DOU Circuit. The only change to Doubles Classic this year is the CP distribution; the CP awarded for final standing after playoffs has been lowered across the board. This was done because Classic only encompasses non-current metagames, and it was determined that rewarding Seasonal-level CP for an oldgens tournament was a bit much. To compensate, the bonus CP system was expanded. This year, players may claim the bonus CP (2 for the winner, 1 for the finalist) from 2 cups instead of just 1. For example, a player who wins BW Cup and SM Cup will receive 4 points instead of just 2.

4. What is Doubles Majors?
Doubles Majors will mimic the format of UnderUsed Majors. During Stage 1, players will be divided into pools, within which they will play a round robin. This means that each player in a given pool will play one game against all other players in their pool. Based on the results of this round robin, a certain number of players from each pool will qualify for Stage 2, which will be a single elimination bracket. We are unsure of some of the exact details at this time, like number or size of pools, but we are confident Doubles Majors will be an exciting addition to the circuit.

5. When are all these tournaments happening?
Check the second post in this thread for the circuit schedule!

*Regarding restricting access to tournament matches

In order for access to be restricted to a tournament set, both players must consent (i.e., the default is public room, modjoin off). Furthermore, viewing access to tournament matches may not be restricted in any way in the following scenarios:
  • During or after Top 8 of single elimination tournament brackets, including playoffs of tournaments with a qualifying + playoff component
  • During or after Round 10 of Seasonals
  • At any point during Doubles Premier League
  • At any point during Doubles Invitationals
Restricted viewing access is defined as enabling any setting that prevents someone from accessing the room without an invitation or direct link. This includes but is not limited to: enabling modjoin, hiding the room, or using ionext. In other words, someone needs to be able to click on your name on Pokemon Showdown and see the battle room. If a game is accidentally modjoined via ionext, there will be no penalty if modjoin is turned off before team preview ends.

Any games with restricted access under the specified scenarios will be considered invalid and must be replayed. For example, Player A wins game 1 of a set, then modjoins game 2 and wins game 2. Game 2 will not be counted and must be replayed for the set to be complete.

Anyone found to be abusing the rule (e.g. hiding a room when you know you'll lose so it will be invalid) will be punished severely.

We're looking forward to another great year of tournaments, hope to see you join!
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Below is the schedule for the 2022 Doubles OU Circuit. Start dates are for Round 1, not signups, which are usually 1 week prior.

2022 Doubles Circuit Tournaments

Doubles Winter Seasonal
Jan 9th - Apr 24th

Doubles Ladder Tournament
Apr 17th - June 12th

Doubles Classic
May 29th - Sept 4th

BW Cup
May 29th - July 17th

XY Cup
June 5th - July 24th

SM Cup

June 12th - Aug 7th

Aug 7th - Sept 4th

Official Smogon Doubles Tournament
June 13th - Aug 21st

Doubles Fall Seasonal
Aug 21st - Dec 4th

Doubles Majors
Sept 18th - Nov 13th

Doubles Invitational
Dec 4th - Jan 1st
Note: Doubles Invitational will still be SS DOU

Other Major Tournaments

Doubles Premier League VII

Mar 6th - May 1st

Smogon Champions League
Sept 5th - Nov 20th

Doubles World Cup
Oct 30th - Dec 4th Dec 5th - Jan 8th

Active tournaments are colored in Blue
Completed tournaments are colored in Grey

Signups for Seasonals and the three cups within Doubles Classic will be posted 1 week before the listed date, while Doubles Premier League player signups will be posted 1-2 weeks before the listed date. The first date listed for each tournament is the start of Round 1 (or Week 1) of tournament play. The length of each cup within Doubles Classic will be dependent on the number of entrants. If SM Cup concludes before the projected end date, the playoffs of Doubles Classic will immediately follow. All official circuit tournaments will be hosted in the Smogon Metagames Circuits subforum.

From last year, Spring Seasonal has been removed, while DPL and DLT have been moved back three weeks. This means DPL week 1 will start after the regular season of SPL ends, and DLT will finish when OSDT begins.
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Update to Circuit Points structure for Official Smogon Doubles Tournament!
As a result of the change in format of OSDT this year to Swiss, the points structure needed a change. Due to the increased size of the tour this year too, the Circuit Points payouts have also been slightly bumped up as well. Apologies for a mid-Circuit change two years in a row, even if in this case it was unavoidable in some form.

Official Smogon Doubles Tournament:
1st: 22 CP
2nd: 18 CP
3rd-4th: 15 CP
5th-8th: 12 CP
9th-16th: 10 CP
17th-28th: 8 CP
Out at 7-3 (29th - 46th): 6 CP
Out at 6-3 (47th - 74th): 4 CP
Out at 5-3 (75th - 116th): 3 CP
Out at 4-3 (117th - 176th): 2 CP
Out at 3-3 (177th - 256th): 1 CP

Note that 17th-28th is not a mistake, the format for OSDT is top 28 + 4 byes for top cut rather than a top 32 bracket because of how Swiss works, and that going out at 2-3 or earlier will gain no Circuit Points. Also, typically in Swiss format tours, people not in contention for top cut still continue to play, e.g. someone at 6-3 would still play the last game and could go 7-3, but as OSDT automatically drops players no longer in contention, the record at time of elimination will be used instead.


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Thanks to everyone who participated in and helped run the 2022 Doubles Circuit! Before we move onto Scarlet and Violet entirely, it's time for the 2022 Doubles Invitational, which will be SS DOU's swan song tour. The final circuit standings can be found here thanks to Grandmas Cookin. Thankfully there are no tiebreaker matches required, any ties on points for seeding are broken using win percentage across sets in all circuit tours (note that the pools stage of Majors is excluded as it is BO1), with the complete data shown below:

"Swiss" refers to the Swiss portion of OSDT (while the other column is top cut), splitting it up made it easier for me to collect the data
The seeds for the 2022 Doubles Invitationals are as follows:
  1. JRL
  2. Shadowmonstr7
  3. Akaru Kokuyo
  4. fespy
  5. Crunchman
  6. Givrix
  8. Chris32156
  9. Meminger21
  10. Actuarily
  11. papiloco
  12. Mishimono
  13. SMB
  14. tob
  15. Fangame10
  16. Toxigen
The tournament will officially begin this Sunday, but here's a sneak preview of the bracket:
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