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Copied from last years OP by 5gen

(No art as of now)
Current Standings (NA)
OP is heavily inspired by DOU's 2021 Circuit

The 2022 ZU Circuit consists of these tournaments:
  • Winter Open (Signups January 10th) - Type B
  • Spring Seasonal (Signups February 28th) - Type A
  • ZU Ladder Tournament (Signups May 9th) - Type C
  • Fall Seasonal (Signups August 29th) - Type A
  • ZU Majors (Signups September 26th) - Type B
  • ZU Circuit Playoffs (December)
Circuit Playoffs will consist of the top 16 players based on circuit points (CP) accumulated throughout the year. The winner will receive a banner as recognition (approved by QQ). The circuit will use a fixed points system for Type A, B, and C tournaments. Type A tournaments are the largest and give the most points, Type B less so, and Type C even less.


What is the Winter Open?

The Winter Open is the most simple and first tournament of the ZU Circuit. It is a large single elimination tournament that will last two months or longer, depending on the number of signups. Each round you will be paired with an opponent and play a best-of-three SS ZU set. Note that matchups are completely randomized using the Smogon Bracket Maker. Winter Open uses this points system.

What are Seasonals?
Seasonals are the largest and longest tournaments in the ZU Circuit. They are double elimination tournaments and take around three months or so to complete, depending on the number of signups. Each round you will be paired with an opponent and play a best-of-three SS ZU set. As a double elimination tournament, if you lose your Bo3 set, you will be knocked down into the loser's bracket and fight to remain in the tournament. Seasonals will be held in March (Spring) and September (Fall). Note that matchups in all rounds except finals are completely randomized using the Smogon Bracket Maker. Seasonals use this points system.

What is the ZU Ladder Tournament?
The ZU Ladder Tournament (ZULT) is a staple in the ZU community. ZULT is an eight week tournament that consists of two stages, the qualifying stage and top 16 playoffs. The qualifying stage comprises of four weeks where each week, players will register a laddering account in the ZULT thread and climb the ZU ladder. Each week, the top four highest players will qualify for playoffs. After four weeks, the top 16 players will be seeded based on their account's rating at the time of their qualification. As such, the playoffs stage is a top 16 seeded bracket.

What is ZU Majors?
ZU Majors will mimic the format of UnderUsed Majors. During Stage 1, players will be divided into pools, within which they will play a round robin. This means that each player in a given pool will play one game against all other players in their pool. Based on the results of this round robin, a certain number of players from each pool will qualify for Stage 2, which will be a single elimination bracket. Number of and sizes of pools will be determined based on signups. Details will be announced in the future.

Equivalent points will not be used because there aren't enough tournaments to make it feasible. For example, ZULT is the only Type C tour and winning it would have given the winner 800 points as opposed to 375.

What about unofficial tournaments?
Forums tournaments outside of the official 2021 circuit will still happen. So far, these are the only tournaments confirmed to happen outside of the 2021 ZU Circuit:
  • BW ZU Multi-Cash Prize Tournament - Ongoing
  • ZU Classic IV (11th April) - Tournament with GSC-SM cups, seeded playoffs
  • ZUPL IV (20th June) - ZU Premier League, ZU's annual official team tournament
  • Any others will be considered on a case-by-case basis
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Classic IV and ZUPL IV dates have been figured out. They will both happen earlier than last year;
  • SM and ORAS Cups signups will open on 11th April.
  • BW and DPP Cups signups will open on 18th April.
  • ADV and GSC Cups signups will open on 25th April.
  • Classic playoffs will start when every cup is over, which is planned for 6th June.
  • ZUPL Managers signups will open on 20th June.
  • ZUPL Players signups will open on 27th June.
  • ZUPL regular season starts on 11th July.
Every other tour remains unchanged.
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