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Based on the National Dex Awards

Welcome to the first ever annual CAP Awards! With 2024 now upon us, I figured what better way to look back on the previous year, and to show our appreciation for members of our community, than to host our very own mini version of the Smog Awards! Below you will find a link to a Google Form that you can fill out to cast votes for users on different categories that I have created, which will be up for about a week before I post results. If you have any questions about any of the categories, please feel free to reach out to me.

  • Only one vote per person will be allowed, and you will not be allowed to edit your ballot after submitting. To enforce this, you will need to log-in with a Google account to vote. Don't worry, your email will not be shared with me.
  • While not required, it is recommend that you submit an answer for each category.
  • Refrain from voting for yourself.
  • Refrain from submitting joke answers to any of the non-meme categories.
I will be collecting responses until Tuesday, January 8th 11:59 PM GMT-5
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Da Pizza Man

Pizza Time
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Thanks for everyone who voted! Before we get into the results, I do have a couple of things to mention beforehand.

1: As there were multiple awards that had one vote each for several different users, I decided that one vote ties greater than three users should not be counted. This is mostly just here to prevent gigantic ties for 2nd/3rd place under some awards.
2: With the announcement of Mr. Bossaru's untimely death last Friday, I figured it would be appropriate to create a new award specifically for him to honor his memory.

And now, the moment you have all been awaiting for! It is time to announce the...


Best SV CAP Player:
1: Joeshh

Best Old Gen CAP Player:
1: Steam Buns
2: Fogbound Lake

Best Overall CAP Player:
1: (tie) Dj Breloominati♬ and spoo

Best Metagame Poster:
1: spoo


Most Creative Builder:
1: spoo

Nicest User:
1: kenn

Funniest User:
1: Lasen
2: Binacle Pinnacle

Smartest User:
1: quziel
2: (tie) snake and SHSP

Luckiest User:
1: (tie) Wulfanator, Maxouille, and D2TheW

Unluckiest User:
1: D2TheW
3: Maxouille

Best Newcomer:
1: kenn
2: (tie) Concept Everything and Joeshh
3: (tie) Samirsin and metagross does archtiectu

Most Improved Veteran:
1: (tie) shnowshner, spoo, and SHSP

Favorite Tournament:
2: (tie) CAPCL II, DPP CAP Tournament, and CAP33 Playtest

Best Tournament Host:
1: Tadasuke
2: Concept Everything
3: (tie) Da Pizza Man and shnowshner

Best Discord Presence:

1: spoo
2: D2TheW

Best PS! Room Presence:
1: kenn
2: Samirsin

3: (tie) quziel and Da Pizza Man

Best Process Poster:
1: (tie) spoo and ausma

Best TL/TLT Member:
1: ausma
2: (tie) Zetalz, Scizivire, and Da Pizza Man

Best Artist:
1: Quanyalis
2: (tie) Golurkyourself and Yokaiju

Most Br*tish User:
1: D2TheW

User most likely to be a robot in disguise:
1: Da Pizza Man
2: (tie) Mr.Bossaru, quziel, and shnowshner

User most likely to order their steak “Well Done":
1: Da Pizza Man

2: (tie) spoo and users who wrote in "Me"

Favorite CAP to use in SV CAP:
1: :Krilowatt:
2: (tie) :Equilibra::Hemogoblin:

2023 CAP User of the Year:
1: spoo
2: Quanyalis

Posthumous Medal of Honor Recipient:

1: Mr.Bossaru
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