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I got into listening to The Talking Heads recently. I like how their songs sound like catchy "dad rock" (you know, the oldish kind of music you may hear in a waiting room), but then you listen to the lyrics....and something completely different is going on. Surprisingly deep stuff. I like this one, despite the fact it hits a little too close to home for me:

And for goofy shit, there are some AI covers out there that are actually really good. This one is flawless, gets all the little Pink Floyd details:
Listening to the british grenadiers on an one hour loop for my brosplit bodybuilding workout. Very morale boosting. I think my earbuds are now colonized too.

Smashing work king Charles!
Kim Dracula's new album is so good and so unhinged - here's one of the best tracks; there's so much genre-bending I love it


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Took a step back while listening to Tiger Trap a few days ago and realized "...yeah Sour Grass is probably one of my favorite songs of all-time"

I don't I've ever heard a song that encapsulates the word "nostalgia" better than this one. It absolutely feels like the sort of music that randomly appears on Youtube Recommendeds and people fall in love with, praying it goes viral one day :psytear:

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