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The 2024 Doubles Oldgens Circuit will consist of the following tournaments:
  • A Swiss Tournament for each generation (ADV, DPP, BW, XY, SM, SS)
  • Doubles Classic
  • Doubles Vintage
This all concludes with the Doubles Oldgens Invitationals where the top 16 players based on Doubles Oldgens Circuit Points will play for the championship! A breakdown of how many points can be earned via each tournament is below:

Swiss Tournaments:

Doubles Classic & Vintage:

1. What are the Swiss Tournaments?

The Swiss Tournaments are Swiss-style tournaments with every participant playing 3 rounds during the Swiss portion, where each round players will be matched up with an opponent with a similar record as them. Each round will be a best of 3 of the given generation where players may change teams between games. Any players that finish the Swiss portion 0-3 will not move forward, with the remaining players top cut into a single elimination tournament seeded based on Swiss results. These Swiss tournaments are held once for each old generation.

2. What is Doubles Classic & Vintage?
Doubles Classic & Vintage are tournaments that function similarly to the Swiss Opens, in that it there will be 3 rounds of Swiss followed by a single elimination top cup, with all players that finish 0-3 in the Swiss portion being dropped. However, instead of each round being a best of 3 of only one generation, Classic & Vintage will be a best of three combined of three different generations. Classic will be played in SS, SM, & XY, while Vintage will be played in BW, DPP, & ADV.

3. What is the Doubles Oldgens Invitationals?
The Doubles Oldgen Invitationals will be an invite-only single elimination tournament with players qualifying by finishing in the top 16 in doubles oldgens circuit points. Each round of this tournament will be a best of 5 played in DOU of all the combined older generations, with each generation only able to be played once.

4. When are all these tournaments happening?
Check the second post in this thread for the circuit schedule!
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Below is the schedule for the 2024 Doubles OU Oldgens Circuit. Start dates are for Round 1, not signups, which are usually 1 week prior.

2024 Doubles Oldgens Circuit Tournaments

ADV Swiss

January 8th - March 10th

DPP Swiss
January 29th - March 31st

Doubles Classic
March 25th - May 26th

BW Swiss
May 20th - July 21st

SS Swiss
June 10th - August 11th

SM Swiss
July 1st - September 1st

XY Swiss
July 22nd - September 22nd

Doubles Vintage
September 23rd - November 24th

Doubles Oldgens Invitationals
December 2nd - December 29th

Other Major Doubles Oldgen Tournaments

Doubles Premier League X

January 15th - March 10th

Doubles Derby II
May 27th - July 28th
Signups for circuit tournaments will be posted one week before the listed date, while Doubles Premier League player signups will be posted 1-2 weeks before the listed date. The first date listed for each tournament is the start of Round 1 (or Week 1) of tournament play. The length of each tournament is an estimate, but the actual length may vary based on number of signups.

This circuit was based on suggestion from the tournament feedback thread, as well as the circuit survey responses. The emphasis on these tournaments is to try and maximize opportunities to play some of these older tiers that may not typically have as many ladder or tournament games, which is why Swiss is the preferred format.
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So, some changes have been made to the circuit overall per some discussion over it, mainly pertaining to invitationals and the swiss format, they are as follows:

1. The invitational spots will be split up as follows:
  • 8 Slots for all the tournament winners (i.e swiss as well as Classic / Vintage winners)
  • 2 slots for best DPL record, 1 for Derby for 3 total slots
    • This will be decided by a points system, with 3 for each win and -2 for each loss (No punishment for not playing as sometimes circumstances can be entirely out of the player's control and players who don't slot every week into oldgens will likely not have enough points regardless)
    • DPL has a 2:1 ratio over Derby's oldgens slots, so it makes sense to represent that with how many qualify from each
    • Playoffs will be counted as well
    • Tiebreakers, when applicable, will be done with a bo5 before the tournament similar to how regular tiebreakers work.
  • Remaining slots and ones that don't get filled (i.e someone wins all swiss tours) will go to total circuit points, which will also likely be used to determine seeding
  • Total of 16 slots
2. Future swiss tournaments will go on for an extra week and require a 2-2 record to make cut, as opposed to a 1-2
  • Idea behind the old format was to allow everyone to play at least 3 sets per tournament but ended up allowing people to win a coinflip in order to cut, which is far from desirable (also it has been wildly unpopular).
    • To preserve the guarantee of everyone being able to play at least 3 sets but providing a safeguard against people getting an act win and cutting, a 2-2 record is now the minimum needed to make cut (at the cost of the swiss portion being 4 rounds instead of 3).
  • This will not apply to any ongoing tournaments but will apply to the rest of the swiss tournaments that have yet to begin.

Feel free to ping or message me on discord with any questions you may have over this.
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