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NU Leader

Hello! Welcome to the hub for NU's 2024 official tournament circuit. The 2024 circuit will be based around four major NU Tournaments throughout the year. Participants will have to go far in these tournaments in order to gain substantial points and climb the leaderboard. At the end of the year, the top 16 players on the leader board will fight in a best of three single elimination SV NU playoffs bracket to determine the winner of the NU Circuit Ribbon. This year we have decided to scale back the size of the circuit and refocus on a few central tournaments in order to combat player burnout and streamline the experience for participants. In regards to major NU team tournaments planned for 2024, NUCL I will commence on January 1st. As this schedule is far less chaotic compared to recent editions of the circuit, we are aiming to trial running all three major team tournaments throughout the year; including NUCL, NUPL, and NUWC. Specific dates for these will be provided a little later in the year, so keep an eye on this thread for more information as it becomes avaliable.

NeverUsed Circuit- Official Tournament Schedule:

NU Seasonal I (Double Elimination) - Type A

Signups: January 8th - January 14th
Duration: Mid January - Mid April

NU Open - Type A
Signups: Late April - Early May

Duration: Early May - Early July

NU Ladder Tour - Type B
Signups: June 24th - June 30th

Duration: July - Early September

NU Seasonal II (Double Elimination) - Type A

Signups: September 1st - September 7th
Duration: Early September - Late November


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Hello everyone. We're thrilled to unveil the latest updates to our 2024 tournament schedule. Check out the details below!


**all dates are projected based on last year's sign up numbers.

NU Classic
NU Classic has undergone significant changes. Currently, the first two cups are in progress, and signups for the subsequent two will open once the initial cups conclude. This adjustment aims to alleviate the pressure of participating in eight cups to qualify for the old gens circuit while also balancing engagement in other tournaments on the website.

For qualification, the top 8 players will advance to the playoffs. All eight cups contribute towards earning points and securing a spot in the playoffs, with no limit on the number of best finishes.

Playoffs will maintain a Best-of-5 format, wherein the higher-seeded player selects the first generation to be played. Then, the loser selects the next generation to be played. The loser will continue to pick the next generation until one player achieves three wins.

A standings spreadsheet will be updated weekly, and can be found

NU Premiere League
Manager signups for NU Premiere League will be posted later this month, followed shortly by player signups. Stay tuned for more updates.
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