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i am an experienced tournament host. recently i had a train of thought that was very interesting, and lead to this article idea.

the smogon ladder tournament theory.

its no secret that pokemon is not considered an e-sport, to the level of stuff like dota 2, league of legends, and even stuff like TF2 and other e-sports that are slipping my mind at the moment.

while there is little we can realistically do for most of it, i believe one of our major issues is our tournament scene

this won't be an article bashing the quality of the community there (and i'd probably jump to do that article if i could/was in a position to)

i will be comparing our system to the system Competitive Team Fortress 2 has, mainly due to my familiarity with it (i lurk that community, play TF2 and have a friend that plays it competitively), as well as suggesting a system in which smogon would have a tournament similar to the systems run by www.esea.net, www.ugcleague.com, and www.etf2l.org/, but a mix of all the above league systems.

the first part will be me explaining why i believe pokemon is not an e-sport - no nintendo representation, we are a fractured community(reddit, serebii, gamefaqs, pokebeach, bulbagarden, smogon, po forums, the list goes on), and our tournament system. those are just some examples.

the second part will be me laying down the basis of my tournament idea, and focusing on the positives of it.

the third part will be me pointing out the flaws in the system - lack of interest, people making it a joke, bad rewards, bad leadership, sub-par set-up(tiers played, how teams are matched up, et cetra)

why should this be a smog article, and not a thread posted in Tournament Applications? because it's not a tournament application. i really want to see this happen, and to help it happen. however, i made this into a smog article because

a) i want to see (if possible) what the general reaction is. are the main tournament players/tournament community shrugging it off, not caring? are they all eager for such a tournament to be played? what is their opinion

b) if i am to start the planning phase of this tournament concept (lol) then i need help. this is not a one-person job. this would require a team of organizers to run. i do not wish to ask TDs/tournament players to contact people they think can help, and i will fail horribly at contacting people i think are interested in helping. hopefully a smog article or three will have people read it, and be interested in helping, and contact me

c) even if this isn't to happen, i dont want this idea to be drowned in a sea of FireMage tournament applications. i want this idea to be laid to rest with an open casket - where anyone can read it, see the positives and negatives of such a tournament, and maybe, somewhere down the line, if this tournament isn't to happen (which is my expectation) someone with the ability to make it happen may see it and get the gears rolling again :)


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This is totally outside my areas of expertise so I really don't have an opinion to give. Should this be approved, I would also recommend (in part 1) contrasting the more childlike nature of pokemon against the games you mentioned. It's definitely considered more socially acceptable for a grown person to play those games than this one and that probably has a pretty large impact on things.


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I would really like to see how this turns out. Very curious.

I have some experience with LoL e-sports, SC2 e-sports, and connections to other games that may be e-sports (I watched most of the finals, LCSes, etc), so I feel comfortable approving this. Koreans/Chinese people still beat everyone in e-sports, maybe we should learn from them! (Well, unless it involves FPS maybe...)
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