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Blaziken sucks lol! My dude is UUBL, ranked B- in OU Viability Rankings, but Ubers in Gens 5, 6, and 7? pshh malarkey I say. So let's just free Blaziken and show everyone how terribly un-Uber (while admittedly pretty cool) this mon really is.

Tournament rules:
  • Bo3 BW, ORAS, and USM OUs + Blaziken freed in all of them
  • Battles to be done in Ubers of respective Gens
  • All other rules of OU apply (like Baton Pass clauses)
  • Your team should be OU-legal besides Blaziken, and if anything on your team besides Blaziken makes it illegal in corresponding OU, you forfeit that game
  • Mega Blaziken is NOT allowed
  • If players can't come to an agreement on what Game 1 should be, start with BW and then loser picks next Gen
  • ALL REPLAYS ARE TO BE SAVED AND POSTED IN THE THREAD. NO REPLAYS = NO RESULT I'm open to giving you some extra time to replay for the games you forgot to save, but don't expect too much kindness

Nalorium  vs  Mr.Bossaru Game 1 Game 2
weird mon  vs  BlessyZ Game 1 Game 2

Deadline: April 18th (Sunday)
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