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Hello, and welcome to the final chapter of a Project that took over a year to complete, and is still in the process of being revised and updated, as it will continue to be until the end of the 5th Generation (and we have to start all over again). As of now, all BW moves, abilities, and competitive items have, to our knowledge, complete short and long descriptions, competitive use sections, and in the case of the former two, related element sections.

A few things remain to be done:
  • Non-competitive items need entries
  • All items need updating with BW2 locations

    However, these are not what this thread is for. Here are our two priorities as far as maintenance work goes:

    Making sure that all entries are competitively up-to-date

    That means that, if you see an entry that gives outdated information or looks a little rough around the edges, you can either write the entry yourself and post it here, or else you can post here with a link to the entry and a list of any suggested additions or deletions that you think need to be made to the Competitive Use section, and we will do our level best to get the changes on-site as quickly as possible.

    Adding all possible competitive information to the descriptions.

    This is going to take some explaining, but essentially, there is information that is still missing from the game element pages that would be pertinent to any competitive battler. For example, say you wanted to know, during a battle, whether Confuse Ray affected Normal-types. You would then naturally haul yourself along to the Smogon page on the subject, only to find that (hypothetically) we don't have that information. This thread, then, will serve to be a place where you can post either questions or information that you think really ought to be on-site, and we will do our best to accommodate it. Obviously there is a limitless amount of information we could put on-site, but it will need to be trimmed down for sake of clarity on the important matters. That said, there's a lot of stuff out there that we don't have on our pages right now, so help in this quarter is much appreciated.

    Here are some places you can go both to find information we don't have or to cross-check information that we or others have:

    BW Research Thread
    Bulbapedia (beware inaccuracies)

    Oh and one last thing:

    If you have a badge, don't just add or change stuff on-site, or upload stuff without checking it. Seriously, that's really annoying.

    I have seen people recently changing pages and removing information that is necessary on-site and that, yes, it took me many painful hours to standardise among all similar Pokedex entries. Especially if you change something on one page without the others as well.

    So really, don't do that.
Hello, sorry for the inconvenience. Someone taught me just recently how to use this site's CMS, so I tried it out on a small scale. Currently, I only changed the entries for Entrainment, Sacred Sword, Rock Blast, Harvest, and Smack Down with the descriptions I currently have on UPC. On each entry, I modified only the short description and long description and left the "competitive use" and "related moves" sections alone.

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I am closing this thread to avoid duplicated effort. We are currently working with poccil to get accurate and complete descriptions for our moves, abilities, and items; stay tuned for updates.

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