Gen 3 a net battle RMT

earlier today as i was surfing through smogon and i came across a thread in ever grande city, a place i rarely visit, by chrisomar ranting about his dislike for wifi. having the same discontent for it at the moment, i decided to do as he did and get on net battle. now, I've never been on net battle before and never even played R/S/E competitively. once i got there i wasn't surprised at all at what i found, a guy named hitler posting links to gay and furry porn sites. but on to my team...


one thing i should mention first, since i dont know much about the 3rd gen metagame i kinda played it safe and went with pokemon i knew from the D/P metagame. it hasn't done bad (10 wins, 1 loss) but i think its restricting me from making a truly good team.

156 Att/ 184 spe/ 168 S.Att ; mild
-ice punch
-focus punch

this was the best lead i could think of. he might be able to swap positions with zapdos but i like getting hypnosis off early.

116 hp/ 252 Att/ 140 spe ; adamant
-hidden power [flying]
-earth quake
-dragon dance
i usually come it on a ground/fighting attack directed at t-tar or a bug attack directed at celebi. i take it with ease, DD, and then sweep.

252 hp/ 220 def/ 36 spe ; bold
natural cure
-leech seed
-heal bell
part one of the hit-taking trio. celebi focuses on fighing, ground, and other grass attacks, all of which give t-tar problems. celebi and also use heal bell which is good incase salamence gets burned, since hes my main sweeper.

zapdos@leftovers( see a pattern?>.>)
252 hp/ 224 S.def/ 32 spe ; calm
-hidden power [ice]
my sleep absorber and part two of the trio.i was surprised when someone had never see a restalk zapdos in 3rd gen, i though they were more popular. if im not ready to bring salamence out yet then zapdos will be just fine coming into a megahorn or brick break.

252 hp/ 228 def/ 28 S. def ; bold
water absorb
the third and final member of the hit-taking trio. due to vaporeon being a water type hes able to take in ice attacks, the other two hit-takers common weakness. turned a battle around quite a few times with ToxiStall wish is good for over all team support too.

tyranitar@you guessed it, leftovers
252 hp/ 68 spe/ 188 S att ; quite
sand stream
-focus punch

yep, tyraniBOAH. actually i dont really like tyraniBOAH, i just kinda picked him. if i had to change one poke then it would be this one, if you have any ideas on what to put here, or, a reason why i should keep him, it would be greatly appreciated.

thank you all for reading. im not going to do a threat list yet, if i do one at all, because i dont really know what 3rd gen threats there are. if this get a good amount of response then ill do one.
File -> export to text.

Theres nothing stopping DDtar from sweeping your team, so I'd replace vappy with swampert if i were you. If you are you going replace vappy, go for wish mence instead, those two provides a nice combo.

Using fortress over celebi would help out swampert or tar, exploding on walls like Stalk dos helps out boah alot. Not to mention you can consider using cursepert after exploding on its' walls. Changing boah to tar might be good, taking advantage of spike.
raikou and regice weakness, boltbeam in short. tyranitar indeed gives you troubles; the strong rock slide to be specific.

if you were to replace tar with flygon, you'd gain an essential quake/slide resist, and an electric immunity whilst ridding yourself of that sandstorm that inhibits the rest of your team. it would also make 4/6 of your pokes immune to spikes.

at that point, if you were to replace vappy with swampert, you'd have another even more reliable rock/tar counter, as well as covering your electric weak with you fly-pert combo.

id give zapdos HP grass for swampert, a poke that causes a lot more problems in this gen than the 4th that you're use to. salamence/flygon with their rockslide will be hitting your first anyway, and you're not wanting to stay in again being defensively specially orientated. celebi can be an unreliable switchin, especially yours being physically defensive, so the extra coverage would be welcome.


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I like what morningstorm pointed out. Flygon also provides your team a much needed Rock Slide to deal with opposing RestTalking Zapdos tanks (you have plenty of Ice punch and Ice Beams, but there are too many other monsters, such as Celebi and Salamence, where it could absorb the hit and Rest; Zapdos also walls Boah and Salamence, your main offense). Rock Slide being physical makes it less easier for Zapdos to switch in; although it probably has the same impact as Gengar's Ice Punch, Flygon is sturdy against Zapdos' attacks to remain in battle to finish the job. A physical Ttar or a CBTar would threaten Zapdos even more effectively.


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I agree that a physical or CB Tyranitar would be a great addition to this team. VILTar (Focus Punch/HP: Bug/Rock Slide/Substitute) or can really put the pressure on water Pokemon, which can be essential in aiding Salamence sweep. Flygon could be put over any of the aforementioned Pokemon to provide the solid rock resist that morningstorm was talking about.

As for the boltbeam weakness, I have always found a place for Snorlax on my teams, if you choose to do so. Regardless, Celebi + Snorlax is a great special-defensive duo, and Snorlax/Zapdos is two thirds of a great offensive trio in Metagross/Snorlax/Zapdos.

Whatever you do, Swampert over Vaporeon and a physically based Tyranitar would be my primary recommendations for this team.
Yuck three ice weaks. If you replace TTar with Flygon, you'll need to adjust your team to make up for the four ice weaks, 2 4x, so that's not going to be good at all. I would not go Swampert>Vappy either, as losing that essential ice resist is awful.

Put Fire Blast on Salamence IMO, as you don't get 120 base power at 85 accuracy every day (in Advance). Also Flamethrower might be short of the 2HKO on Skarm, I'm not sure. Attack for attack, Fire Blast will deal more damage than Flamethrower even with accuracy factored in. Also Zapdos is seen much more than Flygon, so I'd put Rock Slide over HP Fly.

I loved running HP Ice Zappy as my lead before, but that was Timid 310 Speed. Yours isn't a starter or running that speed, so Salamence is likely going to take you out with Rock Slide before you can get off that HP Ice. Use HP Grass instead. Swampert and Zapdos are definitely two of the most dominant pokes this gen.

I seriously think Blissey would work way better than Celebi in this case: it reduces your weaks by a ton, and Blissey covers all users of Electric (Except Restalk Zapdos, who is a problem to your team but your whole team can work together to take him out) as long as she uses Ice Beam/SToss/Aromatherapy/Softboiled (No TWave/Toxic, sorry). You also have plenty of fighting resists and intimidate. Blissey would also cover status.


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Adamant Salamence's Flamethrower is always a 2HKO on Skarmory unless it invests a nice number into its special defense. I'd stick with Flamethrower for this team to be consistent with its ability to discourage Skarmory from setting up Spikes against it (except Celebi). A miss against Skarmory means another set of spikes, which may be detrimental to the ability of his Celebi, Vaporeon, and Tyranitar.
thanks everyone! I've made some changes to my team and will update my OP soon. here are the changes i have made:

celebi -> ludicolo, this helps my ice weak and with HP[grass] suicune is less of a problem

vaporeon -> swampert, i went with the mixpert set and it works great. i kinda miss soaking up water attacks from crocune but swampert's ability to hit from both spectrums is appealing.

tyranitar -> flygon, i tried a couple different sets with him and found that sub/screech was the best for this team. too many people switch into bliss or vaporeon onlyu to get a screech in the face. i maxed out speed because i was sick of only getting 77% done to some pokes. im still thinking about going back to t-tar but with choice band.

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