Tournament AAA LC Tour!

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AAA LC Tour!

This is a Single Elimination AAA tournament, but with a small change! For this tour, you'll be required to use LC pokemon!

Rules / Guidelines:
  • Single elimination
  • Best of 1, or best of 3 if both players agree
  • Play on
  • Replays required
  • AAA LC format:
    • Pokemon have access to almost any ability, using an LC banlist rather than an OU banlist.
    • Shadow tag and arena trap are not able to be given to mons that don't naturally have them.
    • All other regular AAA rules apply.
    • Bans may take place between rounds and will apply to the following round.
  • General tournament guidelines
  • How to schedule

Signups will be open for a week or until we get 32 people. Don't forget to have fun!


jrsmash that timer
Is shadow tag and arena trap allowed for any mon? Dont think those would be competitive at all.
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Just a small question: do pokemon need to be lv5 in addition to being first evos?

Edit: the answer is yes they need to be lv 5
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