AbNormal {Community Project} [Voting Phase]

Approved by The Eevee General

The Absence of Normal!

This Pet Mod aims to replace the Normal type completely, in a community project format. Thus meaning, every Normal type must have their types changed. There will be various phases which each allow different options to post.

  • Phase 1: Submissions
Every 2-3 days, I will post a few Normal type Pokemon and Moves below. Then, you will be able to aim to retype it in a format similar to this:
Pokemon: Dunsparce
New type: Bug/Ground
New moves: +X-Scissor, +Earthquake, +Attack Order
Justification: Dunsparce looks very Bug-like, and it's drill on it's tail seems more ground type as well.

Move: Retaliate
New type: Dark
Justification: Retaliation in general is bad thing to do, and the Dark type is known to be also known as an evil type.

Move: Crush Claw
New type: Same type as Zangoose
Justification: It is Zangoose's Signature Move.
Up to 3 new moves are allowed on a type-changed Pokemon.
However, a submission will not be accepted if it is like this:

Pokemon: Dunsparce
New type: Dragon/Fire
New moves: +Spacial Rend, +Roar of Thyme, +Blast Burn, +Dragon Rush, +Magikarp's Revenge
Justification: Dunsparce is awsome.

Move: Retaliate
New type: Fairy
Justification: lol idk lol
  • Phase 1.5: Submissions II: Revenge of the Submissions
Hello! MegaGallade from the present here.
Because we have retyped every Normal type Pokemon, for now, I will post moves we have retyped in AbNormal, and you will be able to submit possible Pokemon to get said move.
The details of this new type of submission are located in the hide found in the post here.
Thanks for reading!
  • Phase 2: Voting
At the end of the submissions period I will find all submissions, put them into one post and allow voting.
The voting format will be like this:
First Choice: UserX
Second Choice: UserY
Third Choice: UserZ
The First Choice gets 3 points, second gets 2 and third gets 1. Obviously the userwith most votes gets his/her submission put into the project itself. Votes must be sent to me via PM.

  • Phase 3: Results
After the voting period, I will put up the results, and the people who win will have their submission put into the project itself.

Kangaskhan Fairy/Ground +Play Rough (By the someone)
Stantler Psychic No new moves (By Ghoul King and jamashawalker ) *
Ambipom Dark +Bite (By The Reptile) *
Dark/Ground +Sucker Punch, +Earth Power (By the someone)
Meloetta Psychic/Fairy (Aria) Fighting/Fairy (Pirouette) +Moonblast, +Play Rough (By PokemonMasterDebater and desuko )
Chatot Flying No new moves (By PokemonMasterDebater , Ghoul King and desuko )
Fire +Boomburst (By PokemonMasterDebater )
Heliolisk Electric/Grass +Giga Drain, +Energy Ball (By zerobreaker000 )
Grass/Ground +Earthquake, +Rototiller (By Ghoul King ) *
Girafarig Dark/Psychic +Dark Pulse (By Ghoul King )
Dark +Pursuit (By Mantodea, The Reptile, the someone )
Porygon2 Electric/Psychic +Psyshock (By Mantodea, zerobreaker000 )
Electric/Ghost +Confuse Ray, +Shadow Sneak, (And because Porygon2 gets it) +Psyshock (By zerobreaker000 )
Farfetch'd Fighting/Flying +Sacred Sword (By the someone )
Fairy/Dark +Moonlight (By the someone )
Wigglytuff Fairy/Flying +Spit Up, +Stockpile, +Boomburst (By the someone and The Reptile )
Dark +Sucker Punch (By The Reptile )
Spinda Fire +Overheat, +Fire Punch, +Flare Blitz (By MegaGallade )

Ground/Fighting +Close Combat, +Double Kick, +Jump Kick (By imas234 )
Miltank Ground/Fairy +Play Rough (By Ghoul King and imas234 )
Ground/Fighting +Submission, +Close Combat, +Mud Sport (By The Reptile ) *
Snorlax Psychic +Gastro Acid (By the someone and MegaGallade) *
Ground No new moves (By zerobreaker000 )
Arceus Fairy/Psychic +Play Rough, +Moonblast, +Misty Terrain (By zerobreaker000 )
Fairy No new moves (By Ghoul King ) *
Regigigas Ground +Bulldoze, +Rototiller (By the someone and The Reptile ) *
Flying/Ghost +Defog, +Air Slash (By zerobreaker000 )
Linoone Ground/Fire +Flare Blitz, +Earthquake, +Flame Charge (By the someone )
Fairy +Play Rough, +Moonblast, +Healing Wish (By imas234 and the someone ) *
Swellow Flying +Brave Bird (Level-Up), +Roost (Level-Up) (By imas234 and Ghoul King ) *
Ghost/Rock +Shadow Claw, +Shadow Sneak (By Ghoul King )
Dunsparce Bug/Ground +Bug Bite, +U-Turn (By Ghoul King )
Dark/Fairy +Crunch, +Bulk Up (By the someone, Throbulator36 and Ghoul King )
Cinccino Grass/Fairy +Cotton Guard, +Play Rough (By the someone )
Fairy +Play Rough, +Moonlight (By Ghoul King and the someone ) *
Stoutland Ground +Earthquake, +Sandstorm (By the someone )
Dark No new moves (By Ghoul King ) *
Eevee Fairy +Play Rough, +Dazzling Gleam (By Ghoul King ) *
Fairy +Moonblast (By Ghoul King ) *
Bibarel Psychic/Water +Zen Headbutt (By Ghoul King ) *
Flying/Fighting +Submission (By the someone and The Reptile )
Raticate Dark No new moves (By the someone )

Electric/Fairy +Play Rough, +Wild Charge, +Nuzzle (By Ghoul King and The Reptile )
Noctowl Psychic/Flying +Hurricane, +Psyshock, +Trick Room (By Ghoul King and imas234 )
Dark/Flying +Knock Off, +Pursuit (By Ghoul King ) *
Lopunny Fairy +Play Rough (By Throbulator36 and Ghoul King )

Psychic Obviously gets no new moves (By Ghoul King and the someone )
Ground/Fighting +Close Combat (By the someone )
Pidgeot Flying/Fairy +Dazzling Gleam (By Ghoul King )
Watchog Dark/Electric +Wild Charge, +Quick Attack, +Glare (By Ghoul King )
Flying/Steel +Iron Head, +Brave Bird (By Ghoul King ) *
Psychic Obviously no new moves (By money12wolf and the someone )
Swablu Fairy/Flying +Play Rough, +Misty Terrian (By Ghoul King and the someone )

Fairy No new moves (By Ghoul King and xfix )
Flying +Hurricane (By MegaGallade , Ghoul King and xfix )
Missingno. Bird/999 +Pay Day, +Bind (By xfix )

Fake Out Fighting
Return Fairy
Frustration Dark (This and all moves above by Ghoul King )
Boomburst Flying (By PokemonMasterDebater , zerobreaker000 and desuko )
Hyper Voice Dragon (By Ghoul King )
Relic Song Fairy (By PokemonMasterDebater , Ghoul King and desuko )
Stomp Ground (By zerobreaker000 )
Double-Edge Steel (By zerobreaker000 )
Last Resort Dark (By Ghoul King )
Slash Steel (By Ghoul King , the someone )
Tri-Attack Electric (By The Reptile , the someone )
Hyper Beam Dark (By Ghoul King , zerobreaker000 )
Giga Impact Dark (By The Reptile )
Rock Climb Bug (By Ghoul King and the someone )
Roar Dragon (By Ghoul King )
Swords Dance Steel (By the someone )
Shell Smash Rock (By Ghoul King and the someone )
Horn Attack Bug (By zerobreaker000 , the someone, Ghoul King )
Body Slam Ground (By zerobreaker000 )
Retaliate Dark (By Ghoul King and the someone )
Protect Psychic (By zerobreaker000 , the someone, Ghoul King )
Recover Psychic (By the someone and imas234 )
Slack Off Ground (By zerobreaker000 )
Head Charge Ground (By Ghoul King and imas234 )
Judgement Fairy (By the someone and Ghoul King )
Crush Grip Ground (By the someone and Ghoul King )
Crush Claw Dark (By the someone and Ghoul King )
Stockpile Grass (By the someone )
Swallow Poison (By Ghoul King )
Spit Up Poison (By Ghoul King )
Extreme Speed Fire (By the someone )
Weather Ball Flying (Default) (ByGhoul King )
Snore Psychic (By the someone )
Belly Drum Dragon (By the someone )
Sleep Talk Psychic (By Ghoul King and the someone )
Soft-Boiled Fairy (By Ghoul King and the someone )
Facade Fighting (By Throbulator36 and Ghoul King )
Explosion Fire (By Throbulator36 and Ghoul King )
Self Destruct Fire (By Throbulator36 and Ghoul King )
Tail Slap Fairy (By Throbulator36 , Ghoul King , and zerobreaker000 )
Baton Pass Psychic (By Ghoul King )
Whirlwind Flying (By Throbulator36 , Ghoul King , and zerobreaker000 )
Camouflage Ghost (By MegaGallade )

Wring Out Grass (By Ghoul King )
Spike Cannon Ground (By the someone )
Rapid Spin Fighting (By Ghoul King )
Conversion Electric (By Ghoul King and the someone )
Conversion 2 Electric (By Ghoul King and the someone )
Sharpen Steel (By Ghoul King and the someone )
Metronome Psychic (By Ghoul King )
Covet Fairy (By Ghoul King )
Quick Attack Electric (By Ghoul King )
Round Flying (By The Reptile )
Work Up Fairy (By the someone )
Super Fang Dark (By the someone and Amitghosh )
Hyper Fang Dark (By Ghoul King )
Disable Psychic (By Ghoul King )
Present Ice (By Throbulator36 )
Smelling Salts Fighting (By Ghoul King )
Secret Power Psychic (By Throbulator36 )
Lovely Kiss Dark (By Ghoul King )
Milk Drink Fairy (By Ghoul King )
Sing Fairy (By Ghoul King and Throbulator36 )
Egg Bomb Fire (By the someone )
Barrage Grass (By Ghoul King and the someone )
Dizzy Punch Psychic (By The Reptile )
Sketch Psychic (By the someone and Ghoul King )
Glare Poison (By Ghoul King )
Psych Up Psychic (By Ghoul King and The Reptile )
Endeavor Fighting (By Ghoul King and The Reptile )
Flail Dark (By Ghoul King )
Techno Blast Steel (By the someone and Ghoul King )
Uproar Dragon (By Ghoul King )
Acupressure Psychic (By the someone )
Entrainment Fairy (By Ghoul King and the someone )
Yawn Fairy (By Ghoul King )
Wish Fairy (By GiveUsYourBones and Ghoul King )
Double Hit Dark (By Ghoul King , Blumenwitz and GiveUsYourBones )
Headbutt Rock (By xfix )
Echoed Voice Flying (By GiveUsYourBones , Blumenwitz and xfix )
Vice Grip Bug (By Ghoul King and xfix )
Substitute Poison (By Ghoul King )
Tickle Fairy (By GiveUsYourBones , Blumenwitz and xfix)
Teeter Dance Psychic (By Ghoul King and MegaGallade )
Simple Beam Psychic (By GiveUsYourBones , Ghoul King , Blumenwitz and xfix )

Feint Fighting (By Ghoul King )
Struggle Fairy (By Ghoul King )
Skull Bash Rock (By Ghoul King )
Follow Me Fairy (By Ghoul King )
Transform Psychic (By Ghoul King )
Smokescreen Poison (By Ghoul King )
Splash Water (By Ghoul King )
Trump Card Fighting (By Ghoul King )
Take Down Rock (By the someone )
Thrash Dark (By the someone )
Razor Wind Steel (By MegaGallade )
Natural Gift Grass (By Ghoul King )
After You Fairy (By the someone )
Assist Fairy (By Ghoul King )
Attract Fairy (By Ghoul King )
Focus Energy Fighting (By Ghoul King )
Tackle Ground (By GiveUsYourBones )
Strength Rock (By Ghoul King and Yellow Skarmory )
Pay Day Dark (By GiveUsYourBones )
Sonic Boom Steel (By GiveUsYourBones )
Lock-On Steel (By MegaGallade , Ghoul King and Yellow Skarmory )
Morning Sun Fire (By GiveUsYourBones , Ghoul King and Yellow Skarmory )
Pain Split Ghost (By GiveUsYourBones and Ghoul King )
Scary Face Ghost (By GiveUsYourBones and Yellow Skarmory )
Wrap Poison (By The Reptile )
Scratch Bug (By Ghoul King )
Mega Kick Fighting (By Yellow Skarmory and The Reptile )
Horn Drill Steel (By GiveUsYourBones )
Foresight Psychic (By Ghoul King )
Sweet Scent Grass (By Ghoul King )
Noble Roar Fire (By Ghoul King )
Play Nice Fairy (By Ghoul King and Yellow Skarmory )
Bide Rock (By Yellow Skarmory and Ghoul King )
Mega Punch Fighting (By Yellow Skarmory and Ghoul King )
Bind Poison (By the someone )
Perish Song Ghost (By the someone and Ghoul King )
Bestow Ice (By Amitghosh )
Odor Sleuth Bug (By Ghoul King )
Slam Grass (By Ghoul King )
Happy Hour Dark (By Ghoul King )
Guillotine Steel (By MegaGallade )
Chip Away Fighting (By GiveUsYourBones )
Pound Fighting (By Ghoul King )
Comet Punch Fighting (By Ghoul King )
Block Rock (By MegaGallade )
Growth Grass (By Amitghosh and Ghoul King )
Minimize Psychic (By Ghoul King )
Recycle Psychic (By MegaGallade and Ghoul King )
Rage Dark (By Ghoul King )
Hold Back Fighting (By Ghoul King )
False Swipe Steel (By Ghoul King and the someone )
Hidden Power Fairy (By The Reptile )
Screech Ghost (By MegaGallade )
Lucky Chant Fairy (By EverM and Ghoul King )
Mimic Psychic (By the someone )
Copycat Fairy (By Ghoul King )
Fury Attack Flying (By Ghoul King and The Reptile )
Fury Swipes Steel (By Ghoul King )
Tail Whip Fairy (By The Reptile and Amitghosh )
Swagger Dark (By Ghoul King and The Reptile )
Supersonic Electric (By Ghoul King )
Safeguard Psychic (By the someone )
Swift Fairy (By EverM )
Constrict Water (By MegaGallade )
Double Slap Fairy (By The Reptile )
Cut Steel (By The Reptile , Ghoul King and Amitghosh )
Captivate Fairy (By The Reptile )
Celebrate Fairy (By Ghoul King and The Reptile )
Confide Dark (By The Reptile )
Defense Curl Rock (By The Reptile and Ghoul King )
Double Team Ghost (By Ghoul King )
Encore Fairy (By the someone , Ghoul King and Yellow Skarmory )
Endure Fighting (By the someone )
Flash Electric (By the someone )
Growl Fairy (By MegaGallade )
Harden Rock (By the someone )
Heal Bell Steel (By MegaGallade and Yellow Skarmory )
Helping Hand Fairy (By Ghoul King and Yellow Skarmory )
Hold Hands Fairy (By Yellow Skarmory , Swagcaliber and Lord Abbadon )
Howl Fire (By Yellow Skarmory )
Leer Dark (By Yellow Skarmory and Lord Abbadon )
Mean Look Ghost (By GiveUsYourBones )
Mind Reader Fighting (By GiveUsYourBones and Ghoul King )
Nature Power Grass (By Springtrap )
Reflect Type Psychic (By Springtrap and Ghoul King )
Refresh Psychic (By Yellow Skarmory and Ghoul King )

Note: An asterisk (*) means that this Pokemon now learns another extra move, which can be found in the hide below.

+Play Rough, +Dazzling Gleam, +Fake Out, +Take Down (From Eevee, by default)
+Play Rough, +Misty Terrain (From Swablu, by default)
Flying/Fire +Hurricane (From Fletchling, by default)
+Spike Cannon (By Ghoul King <Hera, Escav & Cac>, The Reptile <Qwil & Mara> and MegaGallade <Ferro>)
+Spike Cannon, +Barrage (First move from Ferroseed, by default and last move by Ghoul King )
+Extreme Speed (By Ghoul King <Nin, Rap & Shar>, The Reptile <Swel> and FlameUser64 <Lati, Escav>)
+Tail Slap (By Ghoul King <Ambi> and The Reptile <Skit>)
+Tail Slap (From Skitty, by default)
+Trump Card (By GiveUsYourBones <Alak, Ral and Mewt> and Ghoul King <Luc>)
+Trump Card (From Ralts, by default)
+Uproar (Both by Ghoul King )
+Explosion, +Self-Destruct, +Tri Attack (First two moves by the someone and last from pre-evolution, by default)
+Fake Out (By The Reptile <Bre>, Ghoul King <Haw, Pan & Poli> and the someone <Eev & Shi>)
+Fake Out (From Shinx, by default)
+Barrage (By The Reptile <Rhy>, Ghoul King <Shif, Ferro & Gol> and the someone <Cher & Reun> )
+Lovely Kiss (By the someone <Maw & Fros> and The Reptile <Bel, Snub & Mun> )
+Lovely Kiss (From pre-evolutions, by default)
+Slack Off (By the someone <Snor & Bib>, Ghoul King <Regi's> and MegaGallade <See & Sphe>)
+Slack Off (From pre-evolutions, by default)
+Boomburst (By Ghoul King <Drif> and the someone <Yan, Elec & Bron> )
+Tri Attack (By MegaGallade <Klan, Prob, Bon & Jum>, the someone <Com, Wee & Exe> and Ghoul King <Rose> )
+Tri Attack (From pre-evolutions, by default)
+Horn Attack (By MegaGallade <Gogo, Pins & Scol>, Ghoul King <Rap, Lap & Xern>, the someone <Sam, Stan , Saw & Ab> and EverM <Hit>)
+Hyper Fang (By Amitghosh <Maw>, MegaGallade <Shar, Hun, Wal & Tyra>, Ghoul King <Migh, Houn & Kroo> and the someone <Pika, Emo, Deden, Nid-M & Nid-F> )
+Hyper Fang (From pre-evolutions, by default)
+Weather Ball (By MegaGallade <Sno, Vul, Hip & Poli>, Phione <Ama>, EverM <Lud & Shif>, the someone <Helio> and Amitghosh <Kyo & Grou>)
+Weather Ball (From pre-evolutions, by default)
+Noble Roar (By the someone <Arc & Fur> and EverM <Lux> )
+Smelling Salts (By The Reptile )
+Smelling Salts (From pre-evolution, by default)
+Double Hit (By GiveUsYourBones <Hit> and MegaGallade <Met, Bin, Dou & Cher>)
+Double Hit (From pre-evolutions, by default)
+Take Down (By The Reptile <Ent, Rai & Sui>, MegaGallade <Sudo & Arch>, the someone <Dur, Turt, Abo & Eev> and EverM <Bouf> )
+Take Down (From pre-evolutions, by default)
+Vice Grip (By The Reptile <Gli>, the someone <Sciz> and MegaGallade <Skor> )
+Vice Grip (From pre-evolutions, by default)
+Comet Punch (By Ghoul King <Gol, Inf, Amb & Hit>, The Reptile <Mach & Medi> and EverM <Hera>)
+Fury Attack (By The Reptile <Arch, Abs & Pid> and Ghoul King <Swel> )
+Fury Attack (From pre-evolutions, by default)
+Fury Swipes (By The Reptile <Scy & Hera>, the someone <Hon>, MegaGallade <Kri> and Ghoul King <Zoro> )
+Fury Swipes (From pre-evolutions, by default)
+Shell Smash (By The Reptile <Squi, Turt, Gol & Lap>, the someone <Kab, Arm, King & Sam>, MegaGallade <Shel, Escav & Claw> )
+Shell Smash (From pre-evolutions, by default)
+Glare (By the someone <On> and Ghoul King <Sab> )
+Glare (From pre-evolution, by default)
+Rock Climb (By the someone <Arm & Aria> and MegaGallade <Saws, Gogo & Nin> )
+Rock Climb (From pre-evolution, by default)
+Focus Energy (By the someone <Luc, Bish, Gal & Drap> and Ghoul King <Fear> )
+Egg Bomb (By Ghoul King <Gour & Shif>, MegaGallade <Pump> and the someone <Brel & Tor> )
+Quick Attack (By Ghoul King <Nin & Per> and the someone <Cro & Hawl> )
+Dizzy Punch (By Ghoul King <Slur, Mach, Hit & Poli>, the someone <Pan>, FlameUser64 <Inf> and The Reptile <Lud> )
+Rapid Spin (By Ghoul King <Ferroth & Ste>, MegaGallade <Elec>, the someone <Gol & Pol>, Yellow Skarmory <Vol> and Amitghosh <Ferros> )
+Rapid Spin (From pre-evolutions, by default)
+Hyper Voice (By Ghoul King <Fly>, MegaGallade <Swe>, the someone <Ent> and GiveUsYourBones <Arc> )
+Heal Bell (By Yellow Skarmory )
+Growth (By Yellow Skarmory <Ex> and Springtrap <Scep & Lud> )
+Baton Pass (By GiveUsYourBones )
+Baton Pass (From pre-evolutions, by default)
+Wrap (By Springtrap <Oct & Car>, Lord Abbadon <Ven> and The Reptile <On> )
+Wrap (From pre-evolution, by default)

Normalize makes every move used by the user turn into the user's primary type (For example, if Machamp had Normalize, all of it's moves become fighting type)
Aerilate, Refrigerate and Pixilate make all contact and sound moves Flying-type, Ice-type and Fairy-type respectively. (By Ghoul King )
Normal Gem will power moves of the primary type of the Pokemon. (For example, the Normal Gem will activate if Hitmonlee uses Mach Punch)
Scrappy obviously now only allows Fighting-type moves to hit Ghost types.
Silk Scarf acts like the Normal Gem boosting moves of the Pokemon's Primary type.
Chilan Berry also reduces the damage of any move that is the same as the holder's primary type.
Roost , if the user is a pure Flying type, and Camouflage, make the user Ground type after use.

(May be subject to change)

Current Version: 0.28.0 Addded Mind Reader, Nature Power, Reflect Type and Refresh retypes as well as recipients for Baton Pass and Wrap. Project on 2-week hiatus since all moves retypes have been finished.
0.27.0 Added Hold Hands, Howl, Leer and Mean Look retypes as well as recipients for Heal Bell and Growth.
0.26.0 Added Growl, Harden, Heal Bell and Helping Hand retypes as well as recipients for Rapid Spin and Hyper Voice.
0.25.0 Added the 'Changed Areas' folder as well as Double Team, Encore, Endure and Flash retypes with recipients for Glare, Rock Climb and Focus Energy. Also added permanent recipients for Egg Bomb, Quick Attack and Dizzy Punch as well as changing the -ate ability effects.

0.24.0 Added Constrict, Double Slap, Cut, Captivate, Celebrate, Confide and Defense Curl retypes as well as recipients for Fury Attack, Fury Swipes and Shell Smash, project back on track.
0.23.1 Added Swift retype, project temporarily on break.
0.23.0 Added Fury Attack, Fury Swipes, Tail Whip, Swagger, Supersonic and Safeguard retypes as well as recipients for Take Down, Vice Grip and Comet Punch.
0.22.1 Added recipients for Double Hit.
0.22.0 Added Rage, Hold Back, False Swipe, Hidden Power, Screech, Lucky Chant, Mimic and Copycat retypes as well as recipients for Noble Roar and Smelling Salts.
0.21.2 Added Recycle retype.
0.21.1 Added Weather Ball recipients.
0.21.0 Added Guillotine, Chip Away, Pound, Comet Punch, Block, Growth and Minimize retypes and recipients for Horn Attack and Hyper Fang.
0.20.1 Added Slam and Happy Hour retypes.
0.20.0 Added Bide, Mega Punch, Bind, Perish Song, Bestow and Odor Sleuth retypes and recipients for Slack Off, Boomburst and Tri Attack.
0.19.0 Added Wrap, Scratch, Mega Kick, Horn Drill, Foresight, Sweet Scent, Noble Roar and Play Nice retypes and recipients for Fake Out, Barrage and Lovely Kiss.
0.18.0 Added Tackle, Strength, Pay Day, Sonic Boom, Lock-On, Morning Sun, Pain Split and Scary Face retypes and recipients for Trump Card, Uproar and Explosion/Self-Destruct.
0.17.0 Added Take Down, Thrash, Razor Wind, Natural Gift, After You, Assist, Attract and Focus Energy retypes and recipients for Spike Cannon, Extreme Speed and Tail Slap.
0.16.2 Added Trump Card Retype.
0.16.1 Fixed an error in the Eeveelutions who get new moves- Espeon was not originally listed.
0.16.0 Added Feint, Struggle, Skull Bash, Follow Me, Transform, Smokescreen and Splash retypes, temporary recipients for Dizzy Punch, Quick Attack and Egg Bomb, and mechanic changes to Roost and Camouflage.
0.15.1 Added changes to non-Normal type Pokemon who evolved from Normal types.
0.15.0 Added Azurill, Fletchling, Missingno, Double Hit, Headbutt, Echoed Voice, Vice Grip, Substitute, Tickle, Teeter Dance and Simple Beam.
0.14.1 Removed Sucker Punch from Watchog and added Glare.
0.14.0 Added Fearow, Ditto, Swablu, Endeavor, Flail, Techno Blast, Uproar, Acupressure, Entrainment, Yawn and Wish retypes.
0.13.1 Added Watchog retype.
0.13.0 Added Smeargle, Diggersby, Pidgeot, Egg Bomb, Barrage, Dizzy Punch, Sketch, Glare and Psych Up retypes.
0.12.1 Removed Light Screen from Noctowl and added Psyshock.
0.12.0 Added Noctowl, Lopunny, Unfezant, Furret, Present, Smelling Salts, Secret Power, Lovely Kiss, Sing and Milk Drink retypes.
0.11.0 Added Raticate, Audino, Bibarel, Staraptor, Covet, Quick Attack, Round, Work Up, Super Fang, Hyper Fang and Disable retypes.
0.10.0 Added Furfrou, Eevee, Persian, Stoutland, Wring Out, Spike Cannon, Rapid Spin, Conversion, Conversion 2, Sharpen and Metronome retypes.
0.9.1 Added Tail Slap and Camouflage retypes.
0.9.0 Added Purugly, Dunsparce, Lickilicky, Cinccino, Facade, Explosion, Self-Destruct, Baton Pass, Camouflage and Whirlwind retypes.
0.8.1 Changed Soft Boiled and Sleep Talk to their actual types after an error (Thanks to Ghoul King for pointing it out)
0.8.0 Added Castform, Linoone, Delcatty, Swellow, Extreme Speed, Weather Ball, Snore, Belly Drum, Sleep Talk and Soft-Boiled retypes.
0.7.1 Added Regigigas, Judgement and Crush Grip retypes.
0.7.0 Added Slaking, Blissey, Arceus, Crush Claw, Stockpile, Swallow and Spit Up retypes.
0.6.1 Added Head Charge retype.
0.6.0 Added Tauros, Miltank, Bouffalant, Snorlax, Body Slam, Horn Attack, Retaliate, Recover and Protect retypes.
0.5.0 Added Spinda, Zangoose, Ursaring, Wigglytuff, Roar, Swords Dance, Shell Smash, Rock Climb and Giga Impact Retypes.
0.4.0 Added Farfetch'd, Kecleon, Porygon2, Porygon-Z, Tri Attack, Slash and Hyper Beam retypes.
0.3.1 Added a change to Scrappy, Silk Scarf and Chilan Berry.
0.3.0 Added Pyroar, Heliolisk, Girafarig, Sawsbuck, Stomp, Double-Edge and Last Resort retypes.
0.2.0 Added Exploud, Meloetta, Chatot, Hyper Voice, Boomburst and Relic Song retypes.
0.1.1 Added a change to the Normal Gem
0.1.0 Added Kangaskhan, Ambipom, Stantler, Fake Out, Return and Frustration retypes.
0.0.3 Added (temporary?) ability changes to Nomalize, Aerilate, Refrigerate and Pixilate.
0.0.1 Started the thread
Sleep Talk
and Soft-Boiled were Poison-type from 0.8.0 until 0.8.1. (Error)
had Light Screen instead of Psyshock from 0.12.0 to 0.12.1. (Originally had 4 moves which I scaled down to 3)
had Sucker Punch instead of Glare from 0.13.1 to 0.14.1. (Had Snatch originally which was changed to Sucker Punch, then Glare, I failed to notice that they wanted to change a move)
did not receive the moves Eevee received from AbNormal from 0.15.1 to 0.16.1. (Error)
, Refrigerate and Pixilate made every move used by the user become Flying type, Ice type and Fairy type respectively (idea by the someone to begin with) from 0.0.3 to 0.25.0.
+Egg Bomb (By the someone )
+Quick Attack (By Ghoul King )
) +Dizzy Punch (By Ghoul King )
All of the above lasted from 0.16.0 to 0.25.0. Pokemon in brackets still have the move.

The current phase now is... Phase 2... kinda.
Submissions found here --> LINK
Thanks for reading!
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Would this mean the absence of Normal- and part Normal-type Pokémon, the absence of Normal-type moves, or the absence of the Normal type in general? If the first, what type would pure Normal-type Pokémon become?
Would this mean the absence of Normal- and part Normal-type Pokémon, the absence of Normal-type moves, or the absence of the Normal type in general? If the first, what type would pure Normal-type Pokémon become?
Sorry, I accidentally hit the post button when I hadn't finished.
This is a community project, where users can submit type changes for certain Pokemon and moves.
Sorry for inconvenience.
Fake Out

Fighting typing

Why: It's strongly associated with Fighting types and is a special kind of combat maneuver. (Arguably) My second choice would be Dark for it being a nasty trick -Dark has Flinching on Bite and Dark Pulse, for instance.

Also Fighting Fake Out preserves Ghost immunity to being Faked Out -this is for instance important in Doubles Trick Room teams.


Fairy typing


Dark typing

Why: To distinguish them, and in the case of Frustration in part because the removal of the Normal type will make the Ghost type really powerful, since only one type will resist it and nothing will be immune to it. Giving everything the ability to mash Mega Gengar for super effective damage will help check this.

As for Return=Fairy vs Frustration=Dark, the general thought is Frustration is an expression of anger and stuff (Think Dark Pulse's description) vs Return being an expression of happiness... which I can't really connect to any particular type... but Fairy seems closest to me.

Kangaskhan (And presumably Mega Kangaskhan)

Dragon typing
+Dragon Claw, +Draco Meteor, +Dragon Dance

Why: Kangaskhan is basically a kaiju (Think Godzilla) crossed with a kangaroo. There's a part of me that is tempted to make it Rock type for the weird sharp bits that stick out of it, but that feels a little arbitrary to me. My alternative would be Ground typing.


Psychic typing
+??? (It already gets so many Psychic moves)

Why: Because its horns have weird mental influence, basically. I suppose an argument could be made for Ghost, but Stantler feels a little too "grounded" in everyday reality for that to fit to me.


Honestly, I'd want Last Resort and Fake Out's typings worked out first, since Ambipom's competitive usage often comes back to those.

EDIT: Didn't notice we're supposed to propose new moves where relevant.
EDIT2: Aaaaand forgot Fake Out.
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Banned deucer.
Pokemon: Kangaskhan
New type: Fighting
New moves: +Superpower
Justification: Kangaroos make good boxers and it already learns plenty of Fighting-type moves. It also keeps the utility of Scrappy, arguably its best ability.

Pokemon: Stantler
New type: Grass/Psychic
New moves: +Sleep Powder, +Horn Leech, +Wood Hammer
Justification: It warps space around its antlers and the small balls in the center "can be ground into a powder that aids in sleeping" according to its Crystal dex entry.

Pokemon: Ambipom
New type: Fairy
New moves: +Play Rough, +Crafty Shield
Justification: It's a crafty little guy that looks like it gets into trouble. It can also use its tail-hands as a shield.

Echoing Ghoul King for Return/Frustration

Move: Fake Out
New type: Fairy
Justification: Fake Out is a mischievous prank and fits squarely in the Fairy department of tricks. It also allows Ambipom (one of the main users) to retain STAB on it.
Pokemon: Kangaskhan
New type: Fighting
New moves: Close Combat
Justification: Fighting Kangaroo. Not only that but it has a wide movepool of fighting type moves.
Pokemon: Stantler
New type: Psychic
New moves: none
Justification: Most of its movepool is psychic also pokedex entries states it has psychic powers

Move: Fake Out
New type: Dark
Justification: Quick, witty, taking opponents by surprise like a dirty trick.

Agreeing with Ghoul King on Return/Frustration making them Fairy/Dark respectively.

EDIT: Ninja'd hard on Kangaskhan lol

Cookie Butter

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Pokemon: Kangaskhan
New type: Fairy/Ground
New moves: +Play Rough
Justification: Fairy type because it is the mother Pokemon. Ground type because of the theory that links the Cubone line to Kangaskhan. Some species of kangaroos live in deserts and desert woodlands, also fitting the ground theme.
Just pointing out that Dark-type Frustration and Fairy-type Return mean that virtually every physically attacking Pokemon can run a free 102 BP coverage move from one of the best types in the game.
Just pointing out that Dark-type Frustration and Fairy-type Return mean that virtually every physically attacking Pokemon can run a free 102 BP coverage move from one of the best types in the game.
That's the nice balance to having normal being replaced with a great coverage move for any pokemon. This metagame, pokemon will be hitting alot harder. Although what is bothering is dark types now have an incredibly powerful STAB. Mega Tyranitar with Frustration anyone?
There really isn't a type or pair of typings outside Normal itself that avoids that problem. Dragon is closest -and you really want to grant the various very powerful Dragons a move nearly as strong as Outrage with no disadvantage? Ground is another close-ish one, with many things immune to it and only barely edging out the widely available Earthquake -but it also gives us stuff like Belly Drum Slurpuff=GG.

So the fact that we're removing Normal by changing everything into other existing types is going to do this regardless.
How will things like Heliolisk and Girafarig work? Will their other type just be their only type, or will they get changed as well?
It depends on what people suggest. There is no real rule to how far you can change a Pokemon's type, as long as it is justified.
Personally, I wouldn't mind a Dark/Psychic or Grass/Psychic Girafarig, and/or Electric/Ground or Electric/Dragon Heliolisk.

Phase 1 will end Thurday Evening GMT (5:00-7:00)! There is little time left for submissions!
Pokemon: Ambipom
New type: Dark
New moves: +Bite
Justification: This goes with similar reasons to Fairy - he's mischievous. He also gets plenty of Dark-type moves, so its not too far of a stretch flavor-wise. Bite was chosen for Technician abuse and flinch hax, although it already has Knock Off STAB, so that's a thing.

Move: Return / Frustraion
New type: Dragon
Justification: Less flavor here, more the fact that giving everything powerful coverage is a scary thought. At least Dragon isn't that great as a coverage move. Also yes, I would rather have Dragon's get a 102 BP STAB than giving everything base 102 coverage for, well, anything.
Pokemon: Kangaskhan
Type: Flying/Ground (desertous kangaroo)
+ bounce

Move:Fake Out
Type: Ghost (I feel like the damage is actually ghostly air, while the flinch is the thought of getting smacked)

Cookie Butter

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Normalize will most likely be removed completely.
As for the others, possible they will act like Normalize, like Aerilate makes all moves Flying type.
I think Normalize should turn all of the user's moves into their type. For example, if Delcatty became Fairy type, all of its moves would become Fairy type. If Alakazam traced it, all of its moves would become Psychic type.
I also think each -ate ability should have a specific type to change. Like Water type for Refrigerate.
I think Normalize should turn all of the user's moves into their type. For example, if Delcatty became Fairy type, all of its moves would become Fairy type. If Alakazam traced it, all of its moves would become Psychic type.
I also think each -ate ability should have a specific type to change. Like Water type for Refrigerate.
Thanks for the great idea. This will be implemented. :)
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Sorry for the double post but Votes are in!

Fairy/Ground +Play Rough (By the someone)
Stantler Psychic No new moves (By Ghoul King and jamashawalker )
Ambipom Dark +Bite (By The Reptile)

Fake Out Fighting
Return Dark
Frustration Fairy (All by Ghoul King)

Thanks to all that submitted!
And now...


Relic Song
Hyper Voice

Get submitting!
New Type: Fighting
New Moves: None
Reason: Scrappy is it's best ability, so it should still be able to make good use of it.
New Type: Psychic/Fairy (Fighting/Fairy)
New Moves: Moonblast, Play Rough
Reason: Gardevior and Mr. Mime are both part Fairy. Meloetta is fairly similar to them.
New Type: Flying
New Moves: None
Reason: Nothing else really fits Chatot.

Relic Song
New Type: Fairy
Reason: Because Fairy is the only type that my Meloetta keeps in both forms.

Hyper Voice
New Type: Fighting
Reason: It used to be Exploud's signature move.

New Type: Flying
Reason: 3 of the 4 Pokemon that can learn this are Flying type. Also Noivern must have STAB Boomburst for this to be a good OM.
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Sorry for the double post but Votes are in!

Fairy/Ground +Play Rough (By the someone)
Stantler Psychic No new moves (By Ghoul King and jamashawalker )
Ambipom Dark +Bite (By The Reptile)

Fake Out Fighting
Return Dark
Frustration Fairy (All by Ghoul King)

Thanks to all that submitted!
And now...


Relic Song
Hyper Voice

Get submitting!
I think you inverted Return and Frustration bud.

Since Pokemonmasterdebater ninja'd me I guess we can also spark some discussion about the new mons and moves in the meanwhile. Return and Frustration basically invalidate Play Rough and Crunch as moves, unless the Pokémon has Sheer Force or wants to run both Fairy and Dark coverage(an example would be Belly Drum Slurpuff or some Mega Tyranitar set). Also Frustration Gyarados looks pretty sweet and this new Kangaskhan sounds fun as hell with one of the best offensive typings around.
Yeah, it's Return for Fairy and Frustration for Dark.

Also, sound set!

.... this is hard.

Hyper Voice
Dragon type

Why: Hear my roar, for I am DRAGON!

... also, the only typing pattern that isn't "Lots of Normals" for native learners is "several Dragons". It doesn't even invalidate Dragon Pulse in Doubles and especially Triples, even aside from Soundproof, because it has different targeting behavior, most notably lacking the complete targeting freedom Dragon Pulse has in Triples.

Relic Song
Fairy type

Why: Sweetness and relaxation are most closely associated with the Fairy type, and from a gameplay standpoint I'd rather give Meloetta coverage than try to retain STAB -particularly since my recommendation for Meloetta doesn't give it a consistent STAB typing.


Dragon type

Why: For much the same reasons as I described with Hyper Voice. Also, from a raw gameplay standpoint (In both cases) it has the advantage of not being too huge an improvement, since Dragon's offensive characteristics are very similar to Normal's. (Mostly difficult to resist rather than having valuable super effectives, and something is immune to it)


Poison type
+Sludge Bomb, Sludge Wave, Poison Jab

Why: If you pay attention to Exploud's 3D animations, it frequently releases gases or smoke of some kind, which are Poison type behaviors.

Alternatively: Fighting, add Aura Sphere, because of Scrappy.

Flying type

Why: Mostly because no other type makes all that much sense to add to it. And we need more pure Flying types anyway!

Pure Psychic for Aria Forme and Pure Fighting for Pirouette Forme.

Why: Psychic and Fighting are already the main "humanoid" types, and Normal (Which we're removing) is the closest thing to a type that goes with sound. Replacing Normal with a different type on Meloetta strikes me as trying more to hold onto Meloetta's status as a dual-type than as making any logical sense.

Overall alternatively: DRAGON DRAGON DRAGON, declaring all cases of Normal Sound moves and Pokemon to be DRAGON. I would be OK with this, even if it would be kind of silly for Exploud and Meloetta and Chatot to be Dragons.
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Cookie Butter

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Pokemon: Exploud
New type: Dark/Ground
New moves: +Sucker Punch, +Earth Power
Justification: Exploud's and Loudred's Pokedex entries state that "It stamps its feet to power up", "Exploud triggers earthquakes with the tremors it creates by bellowing" and "Its roar in battle shakes the ground like a tremor--or like an earthquake has struck". That seems fitting for Ground types. Exploud learns Crunch and Bite by leveling-up, and it has an evil, angry face at all times, so I also think Dark type is fitting.

Move: Hyper Voice
New type: Flying
Justification: I believe normal type sound moves should be "air/wave type". Since that type doesn't exist, Flying is the closest to it because it encompasses many air and wind moves.

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