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Banned deucer.
As you may be aware, Smogon has a private forum for discussion between badged members. To coincide with our fifth anniversary, we are declassifying the last two years of discussions from that forum on Pokémon Policy and on site projects. These threads provide some insight into the inner workings of Smogon since the North American release of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. Unfortunately, threads older than this are not currently available because they were purged last year.

To ease your sifting through the threads, we have employed several tags. Discussions about site projects which are no longer relevant are tagged with "irrelevant". Discussions about tournaments are tagged with "tournament". Threads about Smogon's now-cancelled pokémon simulator are tagged with "competitor". (For information on our current pokémon simulator, see the Shoddy Battle forum.)

The declassified threads are organised into two major groups: threads pertaining to Pokémon Policy and threads pertaining to Site Projects.

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