Acid Rain

Apparently this got approved like a week ago and I'm an idiot. TEG and TI

Acid Rain
Acid Rain is a metagame where all four types of weather are active 100% of the time. This means that the effects of Sun, Rain, Sand and Hail are all overlapped on eachother into one big mess of bad weather! These changes activate all weather based abilities and mechanics!

  • Standard OU Clauses
  • Castform and Weather Ball are banned (I won't make arbitrary changes.)

Mechanics Changes
  • Water Type moves do 75% damage
  • Thunder, Blizzard, and Hurricane bypass accuracy checks
  • The abilities Flower Gift, Chlorophyll, Dry Skin, Sand Rush, Ice Body, Snow Cloak, Sand Force, Sand Veil, Hydration, Flower Gift, Leaf Guard, Solar Power, Rain Dish, and Swift Swim are activated
  • Moonlight, Synthesis, and Morning Sun recover 8.33% of HP
  • Solar Beam Charges instantly and does 12.5% damage
  • Fire type moves do 75% damage.
  • Growth raises Attack and Special Attack by 2 stages
  • Harvest will always restore berries
  • Pokemon cannot become frozen
  • Dry skin has no passive healing
  • Rock Types get a 50% boost to special defense
  • All Pokemon that are not part Rock, Steel, or Ground type or have Sand Force, Sand Veil, Sand Rush, Magic Guard, Overcoat, or Safety Goggles take 1/16 damage.
  • All Pokemon that are not part Ice type or have Ice Body, Snow Cloak, Magic Guard, Overcoat, or Safety Goggles take 1/16 damage
So, what threats do you think will pop up in this weather infested Metagame? Do you think the speed of Swift Swim / Chlorphyll mons will dominate, or will defensive Pokemon take the spotlight? Discuss now!
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without Solarbeam, Sun mons face HEAVY competition without their trump.

Exeggutor and Trevenant cores might be a thing esp since Growth gives +2 Atk/SpA

The 25% drop in Water/Fire is prolly warranted and will mean a resurgance of choice or boosting sets to hit way harder?

just some thoughts, this sounds fun also no STAB Boomburst Noivern too!


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I swear, I suggested this meta like 2 months ago, but never got to posting it. In other news, Mamoswine/Aurorus are the only Pokemon that don't take any damage from the acid rain.
First impressions of this meta:

Sand Rush, Swift Swim, and Chlorophyll pokemon can all be run on the same team and cover each other's weakness, making hyper offence seem pretty cool.

Harvest, Rain Dish, Sand Veil, and Snow Cloak seems like a cool idea for a defensive team.

Pokemon that rely on Synthesis for healing like Mega Venasaur seem like they won't do too well in in this meta.

Overall, this seems like a really cool idea!
Stall is going to hurt from the residual damage. Anything that isn't immune to sand or hail is going to lose 1/8 max HP per turn. Ouch.
I feel like it really helps stall, tbh. Stall can easily afford to run safety goggles on mons not immune to the damage, and with mons like Mandibuzz, it can easily stall out opposing teams. Offense gets a lot of boost too, though
What happens to weather ball? EDIT: Actually read the OP

And will this finally be the meta that can see starf harvest work?

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I'm just going to play this meta because of no freeze hax. Praise the hax gods for this.

I think that the power drop of Water-type and Fire-types moves is going to hurt a lot of Pokemon, and the loss of Solorbeam hurts a lot of Chlorophyll Pokemon too.
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No freeze hax is good, but I think stall is really going to suffer. A lot of pokemon on stall are either going to have to take 1/8 damage from weather, or switch their useful item to Safety Goggles. Also, RIP Mega-Venusaur (12.5% recovery move). But Fire and Water sweepers got nerfed, although Chlorophyll could be viable (as long as you have something other than Solarbeam for coverage. Coming back to stall, it could actually be good if built right. Safety Goggles could allow them to easily outstall the opposing team, and Tyranitar would have a permanant buff to special defense, in addition to a nerf to one of its weaknesses. For this meta, NEVER RUN LEFTOVERS (unless you have Mamo / Aurorus or a Magic Guard / Overcoat pokemon), as protecting from the residual damage will be better for you health, and gives you an immunty to Sleep Powder when Venusaur or another Chlorophyl mon starts spamming. Blizzard and Thunder will be seen a lot, while Fire Blast will not have the power to compete. A few mons I feel will be good:

Goodra: Blizzard? Check. Thunder? Check. Hydration Rest, a resistance to Grass, Fire, and Water that go good with weather, and a BST of 600 to back it up? Check.
Venusaur: Gets Growth, Sleep Powder, permanent Chlorophyll and a reduced Fire weakness
Reniculus: Can outstall with Magic Guard and screw Chlorophyll / Swift Swim / Sand Rush over with Trick Room


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Are you ready for our based god Articuno? STAB Hurricane and Blizzard along with Ice Body to make the Sandstorm damage go away. OP ban please.

Seriously though, Articuno could actually be decent here thanks to its strong STAB moves and decent stats overall. It also gets Ice Body, which pretty much means it takes no damage. It also has its Fire weakness nullified which is useful. Too bad its speed is so low (it can make up for its low SpA by having high BP moves imo). Still probably not A-Tier material, but could be decent.

EDIT: Articuno has Snow Cloak. Fuck everything
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Yeah, I can see stall doing well here, as hard at it might be to construct, the passive, consistent damage every turn lessens the need of Toxic.
HailSandStall new Meta. Seriously, that's what going to happen here. In fact, it'd be bad not to use some Stall strategy in this meta.
Yeah, I can see Mandibuzz completely dominating stall. Not only does it have the same defogging utility it has in standard, it aslo has access to knock off, which lets it take care of any annoying safety goggles.
Stall seems pretty neat in this meta. Cloud Nine, Overcoat, Magic Gaurd, Regenerator, and Saftey Goggles seem like great ways to overcome the residual damage from the weather.

If you want to use Cloud Nine, your best bet is either Altaria, or Lickilicky.

Overcoat has pokemon like Madibuzz, Forretress, and Escavalier.

Magic Gaurd is really just limited to Clefable.

Regenerator has pokemon like Slowbro, Slowking, Alolamola, Tangrowth, and Amoongus.

Saftey Googles can be slapped on just about any pokemon with a reliable recovery move.

Other thoughts:

Harvest Lum Berry rest/ Hydration rest seems like a good idea as it can recover all your health with little to no drawback.

Will-O-Wisp seems a bit better than toxic here as you will already be dealing tons of damage from the weather, so why not half their attack and add to that residual damage?

Thunder Wave also seems like a good idea, as it can cripple the opposition while still dealing residual damage.

Overall, stall seems difficult to pull of, but far from unviable.

Also, RIP Sedinja. ;_;
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Kabutops, Omastar, Relicanth, Carracosta, and maybe armaldo seem good, as they all have swift swim and get a special defense boost from sand, although water moves are slightly weakened.

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