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Approved Add types to the database (/dt)

Pretty simple, but it'd be useful to have all relevant (non-type-match-up related) info in 1 simple databox.
Examples of this:

Fire: Can't be burnt.
Z-Crystal: Firium Z, Plate: Flame, Memory: Fire, Z-Move: Inferno Overdrive, Drive: Burn

Dark: Immune to prankster.
Z-Crystal: Darkinium Z, Plate: Dread, Memory: Dark, Z-move: Blackhole Eclipse

Biggest utility: Letting people find the info about a type quicker. Especially for things like Arceus where /is plate isn't a thing, finding the plates quickly is always neat.

Not the BIGGEST utility, I admit, but certainly useful for people trying to find specific info about a type quickly.
Also helps with the whole "why/what does prankster not work on" "can type x be poisoned" etc.


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Seems easy enough to add. I'm not opposed to this at all if someone wants to write all the descriptions and put them in a usable format. Maybe there's a better way to do this, Marty?


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You can already use itemsearch to find most of that stuff, it's essentially just a word search of the descriptions.

One thing to note is it searches the long descriptions, not the short ones you see in /data and the teambuilder. So you can do stuff like this too:

As for descriptions of status immunities for types, I think that makes the most sense right next to the defensive info in the weakness/resist command. Just a question of how to present it there.

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