Admit Your Minor First World Barbaric Urges


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you know when you wake up at 5:00 AM while living in the Holiday Inn. And you walk out of your room to go to breakfast, and normal people are drinking coffee *vomiting noises*. I see the little cups of coffee creamer, and take them all, they're mine, I put them in my pockets, and then run back into my room, dump them out onto my bed, and then find myself 4 hours later surrounded by Coffee Creamer Containers.
every time i go up stairs in a non-public place, i climb em on all fours like a creature. but I NEVER go down em on all fours. never again.

some nights i collect every blanket and pillow in my bedroom and spend like 20 minutes perfectly building a little nest of perfect comfort for me to lay down and watch yt videos in until i drift off. this experience has become 800 times better ever since I got a weighted blanket. note to you: GET A WEIGHTED BLANKET.

i growl under my breath sometimes when I'm pissed just because it's a very fun sound to make. honestly, i don't care too much about if people think it's weird, and it's nearly unhearable anyways.

i chew on necklaces and hoodie strings and plastic bags I LOVE PLASTIC BAGS and tassels and. my hair. goddamnit i REALLY need some sorta chew stim necklace or something

sometimes i just. maniacally laugh for no reason. just to practice my evil laugh for when i finally join a comp tournament and win one singular match. /j

there have been three times where i have swallowed coins just because having them in my mouth is fun and every time i pick up a coin i wonder if Now Will Be A Fourth

also one time i drank a couple drops of mango hand sanitizer just to make my gf laugh

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