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Welcome to the 7th edition of ADPL, and the first sponsored by Trainer Academy! Hosted by myself and devin This is a team tour that will encourage learning a team tour environment through placing undrafted players in a pool that will be automatically distributed among the teams, with one week of guaranteed play time for each player. From prepping, mock games, tiebreaks, last second substitutions, crazy upsets, and heartbreak: no matter the skill level players WILL be able to participate. The teams who will succeed will need to not only need to craft a team of skilled individuals for all listed tiers, but also be able to lift up their less experienced players to unexpected wins. For less experienced players, this is one of if not the best opportunities to get drafted and compete for a custom avatar, as well as experience a higher level of play than they may be used to. The tiers are listed below:

Stour BO3 (SV, SS, SM)

Undrafted players will be placed in a pool that will be randomly distributed among teams equally following the public draft. The goal is to maximize the amount of undrafted players distributed to each team, as to promote a learning environment for as many people as possible. Each team will have 2 undrafted players randomly assigned to them. The exact number is subject to change, and will be determined based on the total number of signups. Each player in the team, regardless of if they are drafted or not, will be required to play at least one game throughout the regular season.

Players who are inactive will be handled on a case-by-case basis by hosts, but it is also up to the managers of each team to ensure that especially undrafted players are able to take place in discussions surrounding prep for each week. If managers attempt to abuse this rule to replace subpar players, there may be consequences decided by host decision.

Do not sign up to play if you do not intend to see the tournament through the end. You never know whether or not winning your end-season matches will make you a more valued player next season, so even if your team isn’t necessarily in the playoff picture anymore, there’s always value in doing your best. Players may be punished if they don't show any commitment to completing their matches. The tiers you select in your signup are not the only tiers you can play, they are just to get a general idea of the tiers you are initially comfortable with.

:cofagrigus: Tomb Raiders :runerigus: - Managed by Quarante8 and Seasons
:deoxys: Galaxy Guardians :deoxys: - Managed by Dababy2 and Rewer
:gengar: Phantom Troupe :gengar: - Managed by clean and Ryuji
:cosmog: Andromeda Galaxy Cosmogs :cosmog: - Managed by Pais and Mada
:landorus-therian: Uber Therians :tornadus-therian: - Managed by Fragments and lax
:iron-moth: Star Supernova :iron-moth: - Manged by 3d and Vulpix03
:marshadow: Marshadow Mafia :marshadow: - Managed by Skypenguin and airfare
:arbok: Celadon City Chancers :arbok: - Managed by Sahki and BlazingDark
:Infernape: Ironclad Infernapes :infernape: - Managed by Finchinator and MAVERICK SHOOTERS
:darkrai: Daydreaming Darkrais :darkrai: - Managed by Savouras and Zokuru

Each team will have 140k credits. Each Manager and Assistant Manager have the option to purchase themselves, and, if they do so, 15k will be subtracted from the team's credits for each purchased Manager.
The auction will be scheduled between the hosts, Managers, and Assistant Managers so that at least one member from each team will be able to stay during the entire auction.
Once a time is set, the Managers, Assistants, and hosts will join a room where the auction will take place. Spectators are allowed to see the auction, but will not be allowed to speak. Discussions about what happens in the auction should be happening in an appropriate chat, such as the tournament's Discord.

The hosts will ask the first team to nom a player. The nomination order will follow a snake pattern (meaning the order will be fully reversed every round). The tiers each player signed up for will be informed after every nomination. Then the bidding will commence, each player will have a starting bid of 3k, and every manager can put their bids on the chat raising a minimum of 0.5k (or 500) credits. If after some seconds there are no new bids, the player is sold to the team with the highest current bid. There will be a 5 second warning before the bidding for a player is closed. Managers are expected to have a list of players they intend to nominate, and draft so the auction goes as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Each team must complete a roster of 12 starters and 2 substitutes, including managers that have purchased themselves to play. 3k or more will be paid for every player, therefore a team can't spend a value that will result in his or her team being unable to reach the minimum of players. The players from the undrafted pool will be added after the auction, so they will not count in the 14 required players.

The general forum tournament rules will apply to this tournament.

ADPL Server

Use the following format to sign up:

Smogon Name:
Preferred tiers:
Any foreseen inactivity?:

Deadline: March 29th 11:59PM GMT-5
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