ADV Cup V - Round 2

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requesting extension, opp was busy today and we couldnt find each other yesterday, a 24 hr extension is likely all we'll need as not sure that I can do Tues or Wed
Activity win request

I VMed Shadow_Sneak on tuesday as soon as I saw round 2 was up. He was only able to reply to me yesterday past midnight my time, when I was already asleep due to having an important exam today in the morning. When I got back home I logged on to play my UUPL game and realized he had left me a message so I replied. He has not responded to me yet or made himself available and I can't wait any longer. Our series could've easily been completed had he replied to my scheduling VM sooner in the week, but since he didn't even respond back with a reasonable time window it made it impossible for me to get this series done.


this girl rly slapped some letters together huh
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Wins Given:
aim vs martha
refsunpersons vs CKW
Akashi vs Lycans
Magma vs Fantos13
vs Hybuyn
Stoward vs Shiba
Marination vs SoulWind
benkham the mad vs Hamhamhamham
vs ArchDemon13

Act Wins:
vs Imperator Caesar
byronthewellwell vs Blightbringer
Sas0 vs WMSlifer
Sneakers vs neomon
vs zngtt
Jarii vs Sharow
vs CMx
Rodriblutar vs Fakes
vs DeCD
Azzbo vs p2
vs Naven
Descending vs PokeMinh09
Havens vs El oso pooh
jcbc vs Watchog
BlakeRenimu vs HKT
TheLlamaLord77 vs Mysterious Player
Anrein vs ReshiRampage
vs Samqian
Kaisser vs Adam the First
BIHI vs JabbaTheGriffin
Shadow_Sneak vs elodin
lighthouses vs Rokhan
vs Regrets
McMeghan vs Kingler12345

choolio vs Nuked
vs cherif18
Gacu vs Myzozoa
Peterbraa vs Ismail
vs Oltan
Choupa Chouiken vs Nudisto

FLCL vs Dnite
Sageau vs Groudon
Askov vs yovan33321
Melle2402 vs mael
Ricardo vs Vinc2612

Extension deadline is Wednesday 1st of May midnight EST, please get your games done ASAP to not hold up the round. If they are still not played after this I will be forced to make activity decisions.

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