Tournament ADV LC Tourney - Won by Disjunction


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opp missed scheduled time which was 9pm edt. i made a mistake in my VM and said est, which would be 10pm my time, so i waited about 15 minutes after that but he hasn't showed up.


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Activity Wins:
byronthewellwell vs. Gummysaur
Santu vs. PD
vs. Hys
Empo vs. WaterlessMelon
zben vs. Shrug
Soul n' Blues vs. Snowy

Quote vs. Drud
p2 vs. All-Star Lineup

There were 6 pairings that did not complete the match and neither person had put in significant effort to complete the match. Normally these matches would be coinflipped, but we had subs to use still so I subbed both players out and created new pairings that'll be treated like extensions.

Round 2:
Akashi vs. zben
iRKD vs. PD
Heysup vs. slurmz
Winner of (fatty vs. Serene's Grace) vs. KoldKappuccino
ItzViper482 vs. Winner of (Britania vs. therealslap)
Soul n' Blues vs. Nineage
Seo. vs. ggggd
Drew vs. Empo
Fiend vs. Kurukaito
Gummysaur vs. Disjunction
hoblaph vs. Winner of (Xayah vs. Imanalt)
dcae vs. tahu
p2 vs. Coconut
Star vs. fitzy72
Winner of (Quote vs. Drud) vs. Winner of (Berks vs. Corporal Levi)
Megazard vs. sparktrain

Deadline: Wednesday, June 21st, 11:59 PM EDT.
Extension/New Pairing Deadline: Friday, June 16th, 11:59 PM EDT
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we weren't included in the Round 2 coinflips/extension/matchups at all lol
btw asking for an extension so me and my opp can reschedule this week

e: lost gg if this still matters
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