Tournament ADV PU TOURNAMENT [won by LordST]


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Round 2

Heysup vs. (AlolaPersian12 vs. Chloe)
MZ vs. Kilima
Estarossa vs. (DYA vs. CyberOdin✝)
(watermess vs. Squash17) vs. SpacialRendevous
Obstabooze vs. zioziotrip
(Haund vs. PiloswineSarado) vs. Meri Berry
vs. BulbaBrain
vs. The LpZ
earl vs. (Wcstyles vs. Bag of Trixx)
Koalacance vs. INSANE CARZY GUY
EviGaro vs. m3po
(RahelGamer03 vs. Cheryl.) vs. (Best Gal vs. Skipkan)
(bugzinator vs. Miyami~~~) vs. SergioRules
TSR vs. Expulso
Ho3nConfirm3d vs. Lilburr
vs. (Slowbroth vs. Akir)

Deadline is Sunday, September 13th, at 8pm EST.
Extension Deadline is Wednesday, September 9th, at 8pm EST.

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@Bag of Trixx

Fight this Man or I will and THEN forfeit the win before the final click.
Just in, Local man gets his shit pushed in, You are defiantly a PUSHER

Something of a Hero myself, but go in and get dirtily AF

Let me break You next round, or I'll get You in Your house itself!

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