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There will be 6 - 8 teams and the tournament will have 5 - 7 weeks of round robin and 2 weeks of playoffs. That places the end of the tournament sometime in mid November. All teams must have one manager available from mid August through mid November. If you know you won't have access to the internet at any point during that time, you will be able to pick out an assistant manager from the players you draft to act as an assistant manager.

Note: Assistant Managers can only come from the player pool.

If you want to manage a team in AGPL I, make a post below to apply. Managers will be decided by the tournament host Perish Song as well as the AG ROs. This thread will be open for one week.

Team Name:
List of Accomplishments:
Why would you make a Good Manager?:
Sign ups will close on Saturday August 3rd at 11:59 GMT, at which point managers will be decided!
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Manager: Me!
Team Name: The Precious Pichus (feel free to suggest a better one! it must be something pichus tho)
List of Accomplishments: I reached round 12 of the latest seasonal and I've made it to the semi finals of a couple of other tours as well (one seasonal and one ag open). I've participated in a lot of other AG smogon tours + I've also played in 2 OMPLs.
Why would you make a Good Manager?: I've moderated the AG room for almost 3 years and I have a lot of tour experience. I'd also say that I'm very knowledgeable about the AG metagame and I know the playerbase really well, including the newer players. Trust me I'm great at managing.
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Manager: velvet blood (me!)
Team Name: Mahogany Marshadows
List of Accomplishments: ompl, nfepl, bspl and other tour accomplishments with myself and raj included. Us both having tournament host experience with tour room.
Why would you make a Good Manager?: trustworthy person and teamplayer, great attitude towards the meta and it’s players and with me and my co-manager both working together, I can assure you we can make a good team and overall be a great tour presence.
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Manager: ME!
Team Name: Gucci Gang Gothitelles
List of Accomplishments: managed OMPL for two years... about to win this one.
Why would you make a Good Manager?: managed twice in ompl lol

e. I'm dropping 50k on cromagnet to be my comanager now you took him away from me :[
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Manager: Frogger1387
Team Name: Yveltals yeet squad
List of Accomplishments: Not much but ive hit #2 a few times this gen
Why would you make a Good Manager?: ive seen this meta grow player and strategy wise since the start and feel like i know exactly whos grown in the last year or so in both skill in the meta and mon wise in general
Manager: Zenithial
Team Name: The Shimmering Skarmories
List of Accomplishments: Currently 11-1 in OMPL, reached AGLT finals, gone kinda far in a couple of ssnls and I'm well known for ladder success.
Why would you make a good manager: I was AGTL for a bit, have experience with OMPL so I kinda know how it all works. I'm also well connected in the community and I'm very committed to the tier, I think I got what it takes.
Manager: Skarph
Team Name: The Nefarious Nidokings
List of Accomplishments: Been an AG ladder no life, peak 2225 ELO Gxe 97.4, Won last AGLT, Runner Up in AG Open, I can say that I probably have the most knowledge about AG team building and will help any teammate with their building if they want any critique.
Why would you make a Good Manager?: Very knowledgeable about the AG meta and its players. Also as said, I can help everyone with building and I'd say I have a very good idea of certain players strengths and sometimes weaknesses. I almost guarantee that I will have the best or one of the best draft plans

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Manager: PurpleGatorade
Team Name: The Horrendous Houndooms
List of Accomplishments: Played ag at a very high level for the last 3 years, peaking ladder multiple times, placing top 6 in 2 seasonals, and having a solid record last ompl
Why would you make a Good Manager?: I've been an ag mod for like 3 years so i have some experience with being a leader, participated in multiple ompls so I'm familiar with what a good team environment should look like. I'm very familiar with both sm and oras metagames and can provide plenty of teambuilding support. I'm also incredibly hilarious as proven by my profile picture of ORANGE gatorade
Manager: hamhamhamham
Team Name: Ham-Slamming Ho-Ohs
List of Accomplishments: Won last years ag open, and one of last years seasonals as well as making finals of the circuit playoffs. Also 'captained' the runner-up team in the last 3 man ag team tour.
Why would you make a Good Manager?: the power of good friendship and annoying meme spam
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