Tournament AGPL I - Player Signups

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Player name: James155
Tiers played: USUM
Timezone: EDT, -4
Inactivity: none
Uhhh I think I hit close to 1900 once but that’s about it, I was good at one point and I think I’m still ok
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Player Name: mrstealyoursoul
Tiers: any
Timezone: -4
Foreseen Inactivity: university, but definitely flexible

I really love AG, used to be decent on the showdown ladder, won a few tourneys, etc. Would love to be apart of a team!
Player Name: TogekissAngel468
Tiers: any
Timezone: GMT-4
Foreseen Inactivity: School starts soon for me, but I'll find time for this

AG is my favorite tier! I also really want to try a tournament, so I'll give this a try!
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