Tournament AGPL III - Player Signups

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Player Name: Chloe
Tiers: ORAS only
Timezone: GMT+10
Foreseen Inactivity: I'm signing up again, but I am warning you, I will be very busy. If you are expecting me to help USUM / NatDex slots do not buy me, I will be prioritising both PUPL and LCPL to this so do not expect many lines in chat, I have uni coming up and I have other commitments. I will build, play my games and hopefully go positive, that is all you should expect from me.


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Player name:
Tiers played : usum (gen7) ag only..(bo3 ss sm oras is also ok with teams i guesss) please dont put me in anything else :blobsad:
inactivity: can only play in week 4, 5, and playoffs. wont be online at all before w4. cant play w1 and w2
timezone: gmt+5:30
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