Tournament AGPL III - Week 2


Amazing Art by sleepyzen!

AGPL 3 Sheet
Replays Thread
Basic Rules to Follow​
  • Remember that you must follow all rules found here.​
  • You must schedule using Smogon VMs, as it is the easiest way for me to determine scheduling and activity for activity calls. If you are not able to schedule with your opponent, please let your managers know ASAP so that they communicate that to me or the other manager for potential substitutes.​
  • Substitutions may be made after a week has started. When making a substitution, please tag me, the opposing team manager, and all players involved to make sure that everyone is aware. Players that have already played in a given week, or were already subbed out, cannot be subbed in the same week.​
  • Any incomplete matches at the end of the week will be subject to an activity decision.​
  • Replays MUST BE posted here so that we can keep track of usage stats (and all get to watch some awesome AG games of course!)​
  • Managers: Please send your lineups in the order that has been posted below in the following weeks as it will just make it easier for me going forward.​

Crooked Crobats (7):crobat: vs Vicious Vivillon (1) :vivillon:
SS: Royal1604 vs Monsareeasy
SS: Frito135 vs baconeatinassassin
SS: Fc vs Shivam3299
ND: Ainzcrad vs Yami
USUM: SiTuM vs Andyboy
ORAS: mc56556 vs MAMP
BO3: PurpleGatorade vs Quantum Tesseract

The Likable Luvdiscs (6) :luvdisc: vs The Salt Mining Sableyes (2) :sableye-mega:

SS: Ballfire vs Indercover
SS: TrueNora pichus vs TJ
SS: LiderMeliodas vs BasedWhat?
ND: Nevelle vs default0
USUM: MZ vs Alpha Rabbit
USUM: temp vs Tic-Tac-Toe Guru
ORAS: Highlord vs Leru
BO3: Zayele vs Fardin

Lottery Laprases (6):lapras: vs Limitless Lycanrocs (2) :lycanroc:

SS: Trade vs pdt
SS: Maple vs jerryl309
SS: FatFighter2 vs lotiasite
ND: Staxi vs Kate
USUM: Skarph vs Satanic Beast
USUM: 64 Squares vs velvet
ORAS: keys vs chlo
BO3: Icemaster vs WSun1
The deadline is Sunday 11th 11.59 GMT -4
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Excellent predicts

(3) The Likable Luvdiscs vs The Salt Mining Sableyes (5)
Overall thoughts: both teams are very well matched, I could see the majority of these games going either way and I'm sure it'll come down to matchup for several of them. A lot of my predicts also some down to team support- I can see Fardin's team giving more support to their sm players and AGL's team being able to support their ORAS player more.

SS: Ballfire vs Indercover - I think this is a pretty big swing match, it could really go either way but giving it to Indercover bc he beat Fc
SS: TrueNora vs TJ - another one that could go either way so I'm giving it to Nora bc he has more experience at ss ag
SS: LiderMeliodas vs BasedWhat? - I'm rooting for Lider to do well this tour, he has the home meta advantage but BasedWhat? has a lot of support
ND: Nevelle vs default0 - slight advantage to default0 here because it's default
USUM: MZ vs Alpha Rabbit - another one that could go either way, giving slight advantage to Alpha Rabbit because of the crazy team support Fardin gives
USUM: temp vs Tic-Tac-Toe Guru - TTTG is a more established player who will likely take this
ORAS: Highlord vs Leru - tough to choose but the Luvdiscs have MZ & Zayele to support Highlord here
BO3: Zayele vs Fardin - goat

(5) Lottery Laprases vs Limitless Lycanrocs (3)
Overall thoughts: I think this mu is a bit less balanced than the above one. These two teams both won their first week, so this is a very interesting matchup from a manager perspective. I do think that a lot of these series can flip but there's more games (ice v wsun, trade v pdt, skarph v edgar) that I think are very likely to go the way I predicted with certainty than there were with Sabs v Luvdiscs.

SS: Trade vs pdt - hard to predict against pdt unless they were vs someone like Fc
SS: Maple vs jerryl309 - Jerry has been doing big things in AG tours so I give him the slight advantage- any ss player with Icemaster support can go against prediction
SS: FatFighter2 vs lotiasite - basically what I said above about Ice's support in ss, FatFighter is a solid player but I think this will come down to the teams they end up bringing since Loti can turn this around.
ND: Staxi vs Kate - mains ND
USUM: Skarph vs Satanic Beast - Skarph but Edgar is very good too
USUM: 64 Squares vs velvet - controversial but I'll give the slight edge to 64 since he has the team support of Skarph, very balanced mu tho
ORAS: keys vs chlo - Chloe is the original ORAS player but it's oras after all. I saw some very good things from Keys in AG snake and I think he is very driven to perform well in these tours.
BO3: Icemaster vs WSun1 - goat

Going to be a fun week and of course



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predictions for the week done in voice chat featuring Frito135 and cromagnet !
s/o pichus for the thumbnail
Haven't watched the video yet, but if you don't have Lycanrocs sweeping this week, there's going to be a Lycanroc Civil War.

Edit: just watched it. You have us at 4.5-3.5. You're on thin ice buddy.

Edit: interesting calcs
+6 252+ Atk Choice Band Lycanroc-Dusk Stone Edge vs. 0 HP / 0- Def Lapras on a critical hit: 4772-5616 (1289.7 - 1517.8%) -- guaranteed OHKO
0- SpA Lapras Water Gun vs. +6 252 HP / 252+ SpD Passho Berry Lycanroc-Dusk in Sun: 3-4 (0.8 - 1.1%) -- possibly the worst move ever

Edit: forgot Shell Armor
+6 252+ Atk Choice Band Lycanroc-Dusk Stone Edge vs. 0 HP / 0- Def Lapras: 3180-3744 (859.4 - 1011.8%) -- guaranteed OHKO

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