Tournament AGPL IV: Finals [Won by Lion's Den]

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Shoutouts time (in no particular order):

pichus very good manager, time zone wizard
Skarph playing with you feels like cheating. You're too good LOL. Thanks for carry skarpy :mad:

Swas I had fun teaming with you, unfortunate that irl got in the way in the end. Very pleasant time
tier Very well played, your piloting skill showed and you defo put in the work too. I had fun spamming practice games with you
polt Absolute HUGE clutch in finals week, beating loti and doing it as a sub!
Ballfire Myself yes im the best i win every game dont factcheck that
Royal1604 Thank you for saving me from natdex ;_;

Nineveh MZ Zenithial no idea what you did in oldgens but it worked so gj

WSun1 Seldanna thank you for being amazing helpers, carried in builder for sure

clean Cam Jordy drafted to the best team for free custom yes

GG spheals, you guys were very strong from the beginning and it was super close overall

thanks to cubchoos uwu especially jonfilch crying Isza ez

also thanks to the derek clan gang but im not tagging all of you :mad:
Time for some s/o:
Skarph what a pleasure to team up with you, you're just an amazing player and give support everywhere, the perfect mate and cap

pichus always accurate advices and motivation, you made us come back from hell !!!

Ballfire polt Swas good job with SS guys, always some (too) creative ideas, you were the starting point of the come back

Nineveh my french mate, you carried Oras so hard, nothing more to say

clean Cam Jordy dope cheerleaders

Zenithial our experienced USMer, solid all the tour with prep and in game, we didn't exchange a lot bit i know how good you are

WSun1 Seldanna ty for helping in the important moments, you are def a big part of this win

Finally goat MZ and tier we prepped so hard for that Tiebreak, it worked perfectly, you both went insane, now we can just enjoy that trophy !!!!

GJ spheals for that hype final, you would have deserve this win too, but our tiebreak players were just Blessed

Ballfire you literally had the best comeback in all of agpl! sorry for asking to slot ND some of the weeks LOL.. also thx for always being a great/active presence, was a pleasure

Cam lmao we got the custom though, good words of inspiration every week

clean you're actually the goat cheerleader who's general knowledge/scouts were legitimately helpful. although you didn't expect to play any of the weeks, you were a genuinely cool person to be around

Jordy ngl, i drafted you thinking that you'd play NDAG... except you had no experience playing NDAG...... but hey we won :blobthumbsup:

Nineveh most of your oras games were filled with bizarre hax, but thanks for putting up with it and playing throughout the tour / using whatever zay whipped up. especially gj in the finals

MZ you got plenty of bad luck/matchup throughout the tour but got the win when it really counted. amazing job playing despite having little time for prep

pichus 3rd times the charm? we both finally won as managers!!! sorry for drifting off sometimes / you having to deal with my lack of motivation / random dialogue in pms and all of that. i probably haven't said this yet but tysm for managing with me, you're the MVP of the lion's den (good name)

polt you're so clutch... my bad for putting you in weird slots every single week due to my suboptimal drafting, we literally could not have won this without you

Rhmsitb your sign up did not lie.. i was ready to put you in at any moment though B)

Royal1604 really nice playing throughout the tour, you filled the unsolvable ND slot which i'm endlessly grateful for. the cm steel in oras was sick too

Swas this agpl was probably a weird experience for you but i'm glad we got to team for a 2nd AG tour in a row. you were the core of our SS and the ideas almost always hit

tier TIERRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm so happy you won so i didn't have to play really epic stuff. i think you have more messages than the entire team in our discord combined, and it's not annoying LOL you're the life. thanks for all of the work you put into this tour and AG in general, you're awesome

WSun1 very nice SS teams, ty for all of the help and carrying in the playoffs. i especially appreciate the ND support as i evidently have little idea wtf i'm doing there %)

Seldanna it was fun thinking of ideas for oras (almost always saturday night lol) with you! tysm for building every week despite the games being so messed up LOL. we technically haven't teamed before (in ag at least.. [ uwt moment ]) but it definitely felt like we did this time

Zenithial was cool to team w/ you for the first time. also thanks for being mostly independent with building as i was very tired and un-innovative when it came to usum at some point through the tour.. hopefully this agpl was worthwhile!
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tier so impressed to see how quickly you picked up galar ag, you helped every SS slot and made sure that our discord never died. I hope you continue playing this messy tier and continue to come up with heat teams to make it less boring!!! it was great teaming up with you and ALSO you sweeping with our team mascot to win the tour is the coolest moment of this agpl, excellent work there. :blobthumbsup:

Ballfire your record doesn't reflect how hard you worked for all your games but I'm glad that things finally started going your way in the second half of the tour. you were motivated throughout the tour and kept our server alive and we really appreciate you for that, time zone wizard 2.

Swas we built our team around you and you definitely lived up to our expectations. you're a great player and your prep game is really strong, good job on that record, and thanks a lot for helping our other slots

Zenithial it was SO fun testing with you so much, you prepped really hard and came up w/ new ideas every week which is difficult to do in a tier that's already solved, so very well done there. try to stick around a little more for other tours as well though :p

MZ I had no idea that you were so good at prepping, it was really nice to see you so active and motivated for this tour, especially in the final weeks. you did incredible considering how difficult the pool was. congrats on finally winning an ag team tour, you've deserved this for a long time, now let's win zupl together as well :D

Nineveh you're really good at piloting teams and you've established yourself as one of the top oras ag players. Your playoff wins were really clutch, I hope you'll be around in the ag community, we can defo use some good oras mains. it was fun teaming up with you

Royal1604 thank you SO MUCH for willingly playing natdex ag, you got some crucial wins for us and helped us prep for finals. it was fun teaming up with you again.

polt we wouldn't have made the finals tiebreaker if you didn't prep so hard and win after we subbed you in on such short notice, so really good job there. apologies for not putting you in the lineup more often but I hope you had a fun experience regardless :D

clean you were a great chat presence, thanks for the scouts in finals and test games here and there, really helped us a lot

Cam best cheerleader, glad we got to team up again. enjoy the custom avatar :D!!!

Rhmsitb thanks a ton for helping us with tests, it was nice having you on the team

Jordy sorry for not putting you in the lineup :psycry: i hope you had a fun time, hope you enjoy the custom avatar :D

WSun1 You straight up carried some of our slots in playoffs, thank you so so much for devoting so much time prepping and making things easier for us. we appreciate your help a lot more than you know, def couldn't have done it without you. :blobpex:

Seldanna thanks a ton for going out of your way to help our oras every single week, made life much easier for us, skarph and lauri especially

Skarph everything i said in dms + pointing out a mistake in your shoutout post, YOU'RE the mvp of our team and its not even close :bloblul:

thanks for carrying me to this win my friends <3

to Nol and omicorio thank you both for being amazing hosts and running the tour so smoothly.
to everyone else, thank you for a fun tour.
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