Tournament AGPL IV: Week Two

Basic Rules to Follow
  • Remember that you must follow all rules found here.
  • You must schedule using Smogon VMs, as it is the easiest way for me to determine scheduling and activity for activity calls. If you are not able to schedule with your opponent, please let your managers know ASAP so that they communicate that to me or the other manager for potential substitutes.
  • Substitutions may be made after a week has started. When making a substitution, please tag me, the opposing team manager, and all players involved to make sure that everyone is aware. Players that have already played in a given week, or were already subbed out, cannot be subbed in the same week.
  • Any incomplete matches at the end of the week will be subject to an activity decision.
  • Replays MUST BE posted here so that we can keep track of usage stats (and all get to watch some awesome AG games of course!)

:sm/rayquaza-mega:Streaming Sky Serpents (4) vs (3) Limitless Lycanrocs :ss/lycanroc:
SS: baconeatinassassin vs Junaa
SS: Trade vs Aberforth
SS: kythr vs crying
SM: The Strap vs Paycard
SM: Alkione vs SparksBlade
ORAS: keys vs chlo
ND: FatFighter2 vs Rotten
Bo3: Icemaster vs Kate

:ss/spheal: Spheal Ordeal (4) vs (4) Salt Mining Sableyes :ss/sableye:
SS: lotiasite vs Lunala
SS: Dr. Phd. BJ vs Guard
SS: Zesty43 vs 80 yrs
SM: Andyboy vs jonfilch
SM: Alpha Rabbit vs Dockiva~~
ORAS: QWILY vs Quantum Tesseract
ND: Nevelle vs zioziotrip
Bo3: Fc vs Highlord

:ss/crobat:Crooked Crobats (4) vs (3) Lion's Den :ss/necrozma-dusk-mane:
SS: pdt vs tier
SS: Farce Of The Death vs Swas
SS: astralydia vs Royal1604
SM: SiTuM vs MZ
SM: cromagnet vs Zenithial
ORAS: Iguana vs Lauriane
ND: Geysers vs Ballfire
Bo3: PurpleGatorade vs Skarph

Deadline is Sunday June 19th at 11:59PM GMT -4
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Streaming Sky Serpents (4) vs (4) Limitless Lycanrocs

SS: baconeatinassassin vs Junaa - father bacon fighting his disciples is a bizarre or intentional occurrence. you'd expect both players to bring the usual bulk that they do, but this might be a good time to mix it up. junaa will want revenge for ompl but i'm bolding bacon for obvious reasons

SS: Trade vs Aberforth - aber played very aggressively last week by putting themselves in a worse position then also winning the game with a "stay in when it doesn't make sense to" read on the double. trade had a tough game with guard and brought a team with no specific kyogre or yveltal check AKA a team without eternatus. i'm going to give it to trade since their support is better and it's hard seeing them go 0-2 after they went 6-1 last agpl

SS: kythr vs crying - i think crying will win the endgame with 10 seconds remaining on their timer. due to the "DON'T LOSE TO DUAL XERN" knowledge everyone gained from last week, i look forward to seeing something different from kythr

SM: The Strap vs Paycard - the sky serpents don't have the greatest support for gen 7 and loaded HO into HO week 1. paycard is different, this will be a tough match
SM: Alkione vs Satanic Beast - my upl brother alkione i am sorry but i can't remember seeing your gen 7 ag. i wish u luck in filling 64s shoes :row:

ORAS: keys vs chlo - i still don't know what happened turn 1 last week for chlo so i can't bold them. though, i think keys only agpl loss ever was to their current opponent. HL

ND: FatFighter2 vs Rotten - it's very likely FF2 brings ditto considering they got HO'd last week/lost and rotten used HO week 1 to win. if it goes to skill then i wanna say FF2 has the edge but no, it won't go to skill

Bo3: Icemaster vs Kate - manager vs manager HL. icemaster will be skoomed off after remembering they lost to kate in the tiebreaker last AGPL & will want to win way more this time around. hard to say if bo3 gives either of them an advantage but i hope it goes to ORAS

Spheal Ordeal (4) vs (4) Salt Mining Sableyes

SS: lotiasite vs Lunala - dual xern week 1 and lotiasite week 2 is tough, this feels like some sort of curse for lunala. playing wise i think this is even but i'm gonna go with the main

SS: Dr. Phd. BJ vs Guard - dr phd bj came off a dominant win last week helped by his opponent sac'ing a crucial mon turn 1. guard had a close game with trade and used this fairly unique team with some interesting breakers. meanwhile phd was running scarf ogre + band groudon which makes it apparent that they have no regard for human life. i'm gonna side with the more innovative player here

SS: Zesty43 vs 80 yrs - i like seeing zesty use crazy stuff and make it work but i think 80 yrs will just do the zygarde or kyogre or groudon thing and depending on the team, it may be over. loti or fc can help with building but i think 80 yrs is still favorited here

SM: Andyboy vs jonfilch - after missing 2 dark voids and getting swept by geo xern in ORAS the sableyes decide to move jon to sm. andyboy is far more experienced, just came off a win vs cromagnet week 1, and knows about the mray arc arc marsh. i think they comfortably win here

SM: Alpha Rabbit vs Dockiva~~ - week 1 a rabbit risked their mray and got it ohko'd turn 1 because of an incompetent build & dockiva made some bizarre plays in the face of a true gen 7 AG team. i'll go with dock because they came out of it with one of the wackiest wins i've ever seen & luck may be on their side. also because i have more faith in the teams they'll bring

ORAS: QWILY vs Quantum Tesseract - i don't have much info on qwily but i thought they played a very decent game week 1. i'm going to bold the more experienced player who should be more self sufficient at building - idrk who provides the teams for either side and could only assume someone is helping or they're both doing it themselves.

ND: Nevelle vs zioziotrip - both had convincing wins week 1 against good players. this is NDAG though, no point trying to logic anything out. predicting nevelle will farm

Bo3: Fc vs Highlord - after not watching icemaster vs highlord i will give it to the player who is definitely favored in gen 8 and will try to cheese the others


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As promised, since Skarp Therian made predicts I will too

Spheal Ordeal (4) vs (4) Salt Mining Sableyes
SS: lotiasite vs Lunala - Lunala hasn't really impressed much yet, and Lotiasite has a tendency to load the evil Pokemon like Zygarde, Kyogre, Xerneas etc, so, yep.
SS: Dr. Phd. BJ vs Guard - Apart from the slightly dubious team Guard used, based off the way he played you would never think he was away from AG for a year. If his teambuilds get more up to date he could go straight back to 2021 Guardsweeper level.
SS: Zesty43 vs 80 yrs - 80 yrs will load a BaconEatinAssassin team, which works great when he is not playing BaconEatinAssassin.
SM: Andyboy vs jonfilch - I don't see Andyboy losing so long as he pulls up with the Grimy Team: MRay + Marsh + PDon.
SM: Alpha Rabbit vs Dockiva~~ - Alpha Rabbit is good, better than Skarpac's prediction suggests - can't blame him tooo much for eating the D-Pulse with MRay turn 1 tbh, with Situm's team I'd have expected it to be a SpD NDM myself rather than Special UDM. Dockiva probably gonna win though, especially after having the blood of one of my players on his hands.
ORAS: QWILY vs Quantum Tesseract - I didn't watch any of them play, but QT is underrated and Skarpy is coping here cuz he traded him away.
ND: Nevelle vs zioziotrip - Nevelle did good. Zio did nice too, he didn't outplay or anything, but he did well to keep a solid lead throughout the game with a well prepared team, probably courtesy of Guardskoomer. If the prep is on point again, this will be close
Bo3: Fc vs Highlord - Highlord is favoured in ORAS. But it won't get to ORAS.

Crooked Crobats (1) vs (7) Lion's Den
SS: pdt vs tier - Maybe I'm just a hater in the game, but PDT has been on a rough slump in AG for a while and they don't exactly have amazing Galar support either.
SS: Farce Of The Death vs Swas - Swas is good. Farce should have kept playing ND, he is great there, his Galar is more inexperienced imo.

SS: astralydia vs Royal1604 - Not too high on Royal's AG ability, and he does insist on using the 2020 cores which is worrying, but maybe the Lion's Den will give him some better teams this week. Haven't seen astralydia play this but I seen her play OU and stuff they are good.
SM: SiTuM vs MZ - Not gonna be a blowout or anything, but MZ is literally just gonna bring the same team he brings every single year, and SiTuM will get too lost in the sauce and come up with something innovative that is strictly worse than MRay Marsh PDon.
SM: cromagnet vs Zenithial - Zenithial played well and didn't seem especially rusty, both of these guys don't play AG that often tbh though, so I don't think rust would go against either more than the other anyway.
ORAS: Iguana vs Lauriane - New competitor on the block
ND: Geysers vs Ballfire - Crobats, do not let Geysers bring Mewtwo, or Reshiram, or 3 attacks Arceus Psychic, or whatever strange idea comes in. Just make him use Z move Calyrex and Groundceus.
Bo3: PurpleGatorade vs Skarph - Unfortunately, Skarpac is better in all 3, PG isn't that up to date with Galar, and I don't expect his team support to be great either (and recycling against Skurple might be dangerous).

Skooma You have 2 hours left to predict.

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