Tournament AGTT - FINALS [Won by Team Broken]

scheduled for just over an hour ago, opp has apparently been online on an alt but has failed to respond to my attempts to highlight him/wake him up (on both his main and alt accounts) so yeah act.
I would have been there if it weren't for something urgent that had popped up my guy. I am free tomorrow at the same time if possible.
poppa zest and the bois took an early exit was fun none the less.. feel like i supplied two shit teams for my mates, rooting for pigeons,pg and cata or really anyone to knock off the dream team because underdog stories are cool! hope to seem some fire games going forward.


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Kuttush vs. Thimblebony - while there's no requirement to be in the ag room to meet up with your opponent, kuttush did make a more proactive effort to find thimb at the time, rather than thimb just lurking online in another room without attempting to contact kuttush.
Lavaclaw vs. Loloartsi
(Moon) Angelo vs. Reffrey
DonaldTrump654 vs. Satanic Beast
vs. TastedSumo

Calling the other two games dead due to one game from the matchup being played and the other two providing no scheduling.

Round 2 will be up soon. Closing this thread until then. Watch us generate matchups live in:


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Round 2 Matchups

HAMSLAM vs. The Toad Boiz
MJ vs. Reffrey
Hamhamhamham vs. Satanic Beast
EternalSnowman vs. Squirt

Tee's Three Turbo Torrential Tornado Twisters vs. Team Broken
Joyverse vs. Fardin
Kyogre is GR8 vs. HunterStorm
greentee vs. Thimo

Marshadow to S vs. SOLE SURVIVORS
Racool vs. Dark swordman
Megazard vs. Kuttush
Chloe vs. LaLeLiLoLuL

Big Smashers vs. Haxed Haxoruses
Chop vs. Holy Break
Terracotta vs. Paycard

Complex Sets With Your Ex(ca) vs. WE R THE LEGENDS
Complexities vs. Leafstorm121
The Excadrill vs. Lavaclaw
Sets vs. ritabhas

We might bring Mono vs. og hot techs
HNBL vs. Quantum Tesseract
zugubu royale vs. lotiasite
Nailec vs. HQuaze

Cam's Abhorrent Toes Smell vs. Purple Pigeons
21pichus vs. Pigeons
iLlama vs. Catalystic
DoW vs. PurpleGatorade

Always Eggsagerating Alolan Exeggutors vs. BP Is A Legit Strat
DarkAngeallenq.q vs. bdov
Whitephoenixace vs. Xynix
Squawkerz vs. TylerWithNumbers

Matches were picked via a live groupchat with randomisation, which was linked in the above post.
All matchups are best-of-one per player, so that every team vs. team matchup has three games each.
You are only to play USUM AG. Please follow the rules in the thread's original post.

Deadline: Wednesday, April 25th
I'm not giving extensions, if you ask for one, I'll dislike you a lot :[​
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