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Hey what's up I'm Albatr0ss, been posting on Smogoff and a little on Orange Islands for about a fortnight, but now I've decided to grace Smeargle's Studio with my presence. I've been drawing traditionally and digitally for roughly 3 years now, but never really posted my art anywhere. I used to have an art account on Instagram, but that place absolutely sucks for artists nowadays, so now I'm here whether you like it or not (:

Starting off strong with some low effort Pocket Monster stuff, because this is a Pocket Monster site so it makes sense right? Personal favourite here is Pangoro, I honestly love drawing it a lot the design is very appealing imo

if you're reading this you're a cuck.png
Another quick sketch that turned into a low effort drawing, this time featuring my specialty; women. Nothing else to add here really, this was just a quick redraw of some old oc that I thought turned out ok

A lot of the drawings of people are quite long, sorry about that. Anyways I originally drew her for this Smogoff thread, but it took longer than I expected and I can't be bothered to necropost so here we are. Kinda went wild with the warm colours and coloured line art towards the end and it's pretty clear that I just cleaned up the lineart a little then started colouring but I still like it

Yeah I drew these a few days apart, didn't realise they looked similar until I put them next to each other lol

a small crecher.png
So this is a Fakemon I drew for fun. Design ain't great but I like it nevertheless. Can't remember how I came up with it, but it's based off dust bunnies and gun powder. Originally I was going to give it a custom ability that would give the foe a volatile status upon making contact that burns them if they use/are hit by a fire-type move the following turn, but there's already a move that does something similar called Powder so it just has Rattled now instead
a shiny crecher.png
Blue dude (:

large crecher.png
And here's the split evolution for the previous Fakemon. Neither have names, but the top one is Dark type, evolves by level up, and continues to be based off dust bunnies and gunpowder, while the bottom is Fire type, evolves via Fire Stone and is based off fireworks, specifically a Catherine wheel/Pinwheel. I have better Fakemon that I've drawn but they're all quite old, so I'll probably redraw and post them sometime in the future
large shiny crecher.png
More blue dudes (:


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Got some more art to share

A redraw of some old art which I won't share bc it's very old, I was gonna draw actual lineart for it but couldn't be bothered lol. The shadings a little wonky but :mehowth:


I don't draw backgrounds all too much, so decided to do a little practicing. Still a WIP, but so far I'm happy with where it's going

Fusion Flare

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Got some more art to share

A redraw of some old art which I won't share bc it's very old, I was gonna draw actual lineart for it but couldn't be bothered lol. The shadings a little wonky but :mehowth:

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I don't draw backgrounds all too much, so decided to do a little practicing. Still a WIP, but so far I'm happy with where it's going


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Small update, but an important one


Yeah there's no reasonable explanation for this. Quick Tyranitar sketch bc Mon of the Month + Crazy Frogchamp + Crazy Frog/Joker (AKA Normal Frog). Enjoy knowing this exists ig
This is what happens when you only get 4 hours of sleep lol


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More art wooooo, more environmental stuff this time bc drawing people is effort and I'm extremely allergic to that


Took ~15 minutes and it shows lol, this was only made bc I was trying to force myself out of an art block. Didn't really work, but oh well


Yeah this is a huge WIP lol. I've been drawing a lot of mountains and rocks recently, which is cool. I normally just draw people and the occasional Pokemon so landscapes are still kinda weird to me, but hopefully this turns out well


These are just some clouds lol, I like drawing them. Nothing else to add really


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took me about 10 minutes to realize that this was a venus flytrap, not a short-haired girl looking behind her
Oh damn I see what you mean, I can't unsee that now lol

Anyways another small update for some banner art and some more environmental stuff


A banner for the Fantasy OMPL's, had a lot of fun working on this and I'm looking forward to working on some more in the future! I also have a non-shaded version which is neat


This was mostly for fun, I felt like drawing something purple for some reason. I think I'm getting a lil better at drawing tree and stuff tho which is cool


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congratulations you got showered with reacts

love your art! the ompl banner is really cool!
Thank you so much! I'm glad you like the banner :psyglad:

Got some more art to show, mostly sketches because I'm allergic to lineart but there's also a banner, which is cool

misc sketches.png
Large image, wooo. I've finally figured out how layer masks work and can safely say I will barely use them from here on out. Anyways I felt like drawing some old characters because my well of creativity ran dry a good few years ago

Another sketch, very cool. I have a habit of not looking up references out of sheer laziness, which is my excuse for the sword and wings being really low effort lol. This is just a sketch i did for fun though, nothing too deep about it

Banner for Ag's Next Best Thing thread. Didn't want to do something as complicated as the previous banner, but I still think it looks neat. Flames are very fun to draw and blue fire are aesthetically pleasing imo

Fun fact, I thought this banner was for Creative & Underused Sets while making the spoiler for some reason? and speedran the five stages of grief bc I thought I had made a real jackass move and uploaded the banner with the wrong text. But no, its the right text and I just had a mini heart attack over absolutely nothing.
There's no moral to that story, I just thought it was kinda funny


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You are are top tier shitposter AND you have actual art skills? What a mad lad I love your stuff bro/broette
Big pog my bro/broette/broski/brolet/brah/bruh moment/etc, I've been honing my skills as a court jester and artisan for many a year, and to have my skills appreciated is always an honour. Cheers mate (:

Small update, got a WIP, a Banner, and a small assortment of sketches

So funny story with this image, I originally posted a version of it that didn't have the foreground cameras & Hattrem's pupils, because I have a habit of posting things at ridiculous hours and not thinking about the consequences of my actions until the morning. I just had them hidden by accident, so easy problem to solve, but opening my laptop and seeing that shit gave me an absolute heart attack

Anyways uh this was fun to work on, I don't usually draw furniture or stuff like that so this was a neat little challenge

ocean woooooo.png

Oceam. You can see where the sun's gonna be lol, this is a redraw of some old art I can actually stand to look at, so maybe when it's done I'll share it

More sketches, all of which are for fun. Mushroom man, funky water cat and Space Goat. Nothing else to add really

Anyways uhh thinking of doing something funky for next month, nothing too wild but hopefully it'll be cool


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Happy Pride Month fellas, I was going to change my pfp to suit the occasion but my profile lock hasn't been lifted yet unfortunately. Haven't been doing much digital stuff lately because I'm lazy but I do have some low effort sketchbook stuff to share, which is neat

hell yeah.png
Let's go gamers, this took me only 20 minutes to make and it really shows lol. Anyways uh for those of you who don't know I am a lesbian. Never really tried to hide it, but I've also never officially come out on the forum, so I'm doing it here instead of the designated LGBTQ+ thread for some reason. 90% sure this is the right lesbian flag but if its not then feel free to correct me lol

I don't really have any way of celebrating irl since all the pride stuff happens in the big cities, which I don't live near, and even if I wanted to drive for ~8 hours to get there and back I'm pretty sure my parents wouldn't let me so :mehowth:.So instead of doing irl stuff I'm just gonna draw a load of women in my spare time lol

These are all really low quality sketches I did for fun, nothing too wild lol

Bird mask girl, also featured in another post somewhere. I like her, she's fun to draw (:


Random girl with cyberpunk-ish mask. Scarves are kinda weird to draw ngl, but I'm still happy with this

bob from animal crossing1.jpg

Bob from Animal Crossing, because I've been thinking about Animal Crossing recently
I should probably check on my New Leaf villagers lol


A Scizor that I drew from memory. Scizor is a cool Pokemon. Not much else to say really

bewear w.jpeg

Big Bear Bewear, I used to not really be into Bewear too much, but after drawing it a little I can firmly say I like it a little bit more than I did before

Ok so remember this?
Anyways uhh thinking of doing something funky for next month
If you don't then just look at the previous post lol, anyways here's the funky thing:

Art Requests are now Open!
I've been wanting to do something like this for a while, so I figured I'd wait until June and make it a Pride Month celebration thing. So yeah, art requests are now open, rules for it are below. Requests will be open all month, I'll edit the thread name to reflect this when I can be bothered lol

Requests don't have to be Pride-related btw, as long as it doesn't break any of the rules you can request whatever you want
  • No NSFW
  • No mecha/armour/anything overly complicated
  • No gore/horror stuff
  • If you want to use a requested drawing as a pfp or something, then I'd prefer if you'd ask permission first, but otherwise go ahead
  • That's it!

Anyways uh Happy Pride fellas


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Small update because I've been doing a lot of digital stuff recently


Pretty happy with this, even if I gave up at the end with the lineart colouring and caustics and that. I don't know why I drew this other than because I felt like drawing a mermaid tbh, but this was fun to do and I'll probably do some more at some point


Based off plague doctors, if that wasn't already incredibly obvious. Doesn't have a name yet, not entirely sure if I'll give her one, but she's just vibin in the corner of my brain rn. Don't know how long the centre sketch took because I didn't keep track, but the others were ~10 minutes, give or take a minute or two, which is why they're pretty bad lol

Anyways uh request something or I'll shed a fountain of tears onto my sketchbook, which isn't ideal because I like drawing on those
jk I won't actually cry and don't feel pressured to request anything but it would be cool if someone did lol


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Hey! Just wanted to stop by the thread to let you know you're an approved artist now. All this really changes is that you'll be able to contribute to places like smogon's flying press and social media art if you ever want to, you can find some info on it here.

If you're unsure about anything or have some questions, feel free to throw me a PM on the forums or over at discord :blobthumbsup:
man i absolutely love your artstyle, gives me relaxing, magical vibes.
anyway i know you're probably facing a deluge of requests rn, but could please you draw a very angry togetic using flamethrower? i'd appreciate it

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