Alias Mafia - game abandoned/v long postgame up

justice has been served

Dear bluedoom,
You are the 1999 British Academy Television Awards.

I suppose as far as niche awards ceremonies could go, this isn't the most niche of them all. That said, it's pretty niche. Or maybe I'm just out of touch with 1999 pop culture???

ACTION: NPC CREATOR - You create NPCs that allow you to perform a variety of actions. You gain one NPC per night and can gain an additional one by idling. You gain an additional NPC for every mislynch and everytime the mafia fails to kill. The roles you can use and their costs are as follows: Hook - 1 NPC. Full Role PM Inspect - 2 NPCs. Role Name/Ability/Alliance Checker - 1 NPC. Kill - 2 NPCs. Safeguard - 1 NPC. Vote Add - X NPCs, where each NPC adds +1 to your vote for the next day only. You start with <snip> NPCs. Their aliases are <snip>.

You are allied with the NEUTRALS. You win when your team is last team standing.

deadline in 48 hours.
I hate to do this (again) but I have to extend deadline because I'm missing some critical actions. I will try and update tomorrow morning but if not it'll be as soon as I get off work
people actually died this time line

Holy fuck, there actually are kills in this game.

Carapace is no longer with us.
Dear Alexander489,
You are Postumus Aebutius Elva.

You were a Roman consul and then magister equitum. Your claim to fame (behind your titles of course) seems to have been pushing out a group of randos who invaded Roman territory briefly.

ACTION: TARGET MAYOR - At night, you can target an alias. If they are town, you gain +1 to your vote permanently. If they are mafia, you gain -1 to your vote permanently. If neither, then nothing happens to your vote.
PASSIVE: NPC. For all role purposes, you are treated like an NPC.

You are allied with the TOWN. You win when your team is last team standing.
rip alex's unlimited potential

My other favorite albeit expensive burger chain Five Guys died as well.
Dear zorbees,
You are Drăgușenii Noi .

You are a Moldovan village. What language do they speak in Moldova? I'll give five dollars to anyone in the game who can pronounce that correctly.

ACTION: Results Stealer - At night, you can target an alias. You will receive their results instead.
PASSIVE: Ninja. You cannot be seen by visual investigative roles such as Watcher.

You are allied with the TOWN. You win when your team is last team standing.
i wonder what burger places there are in dragusenii noi town.

But wait! There's more - Propodus is also leaving the game.
Dear Da Letter El,
You are T.J. Harvey.

You are a Canadian Liberal politician for the "riding of Tobique—Mactaquac." I just want to know how someone has someone could have such a boring name being from an area called that.

ACTION: BPV/BACKUP - You are immune from kills for the first time. At any point in the game, you can give up your BPV to turn into any dead village role. You cannot take advantage of this should you lose your BPV.

You are allied with the TOWN. You win when your team is last team standing.
I guess it's a bad time to be in this game and be a circus moderator.

Results going out. I'll let you know when we are good to go.
k i think we good let me know if you think i made an error - i caught myself making one error so i certainly hope that's the only one...

otherwise go wild. deadline tomorrow at the usual late night time of 10 pdt. if you need more time let me know though. but i'd like to speed the days up
one of the great star wars character has fallen. the exile has been exiled
Dear CsYager,
You are Clarinda Sinnige.
Your ALIAS is The Exile.

You are the former field hockey goalkeeper for the Netherlands. While I can't say I fully understand field hockey or its appeal, I will say being a national level anything is pretty impressive so good stuff Clarinda.

ACTION: Watcher - At night, you can choose an alias to watch. You will see which aliases target the alias you targeted.

You are allied with the MAFIA. You win when your team is last team standing.
get me dem actions. deadline in 48 hours.
actually updating on time line

couldn't shake them
Dear tonithetourguide,
You are Dženan Haračić.

Wow that's a mouthful. You are a Bosnia and Herzegovina football player currently playing for a team in Bosnia and Herzegovina. You've currently scored 22 goals in 39 games for your current game which is actually not bad. But then again, this is in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

ACTION: SILENCER - At night, you can target an alias. They will be unable to post in the thread for the next day.
PASSIVE: Ascetic. You are immune to all actions except kills.

You are allied with the TOWN. You win when your team is last team standing.
unfortunately someone else is dead. it's Cedar
Dear Former,
You are Henry Dobbs.
Your ALIAS is snip.

Mr. Dobbs was a British guy who served a lot of his life as an administrator in India and Iraq for the British. I think he did a good job because it seems like he didn't do anything super bad or that great. That's a job well done in my book.

ACTION: NPC VIGILANTE - At night, you can target an alias and if they are an NPC, you will remove them from the game.
PASSIVE: Vengeful. If you are lynched, you can choose another alias to take with you to the grave.

You are allied with the TOWN. You win when your team is last team standing.
these kills just keep coming.

deadline 6/3 10 pdt unless an extension is warranted and grantaed

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