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Tournament All Type Terrain Open [Won by leonard]

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Hello, welcome to the All Type Terrain Open. Sign ups will last for 2 weeks, ending on the 28th of July. I apologise for the late start.


Post with In if you want to join
The tournament is single elimination
Matches are to be played best of 3
Replays must be posted
Once paired up, please contact your opponent on their profile page.
Rounds will last 1 week. I will grant extensions, but I would much prefer not to, so please get it done.
Not compulsory, but I would greatly appreciate your feedback on the new Terrains / abilities and how it has changed certain Pokémon.

What is All Type Terrain?

All Type Terrain is a pet mod where every type gets its own Terrain. They also get their own Surge and Terrain seeds, and there are 3 abilities that interact with each terrain. Some other Pokémon also got Grass Pelt and Surge Surfer.

What is the banlist?

OU bans and OU clauses. No other bans yet.
Might ban Terrain Extender if it becomes overpowered.


See below for a comprehensive list of new Terrains, Seeds, Abilities and the ability changes on Pokémon.


All Type Terrain is playable on Dragon Heaven

Best of luck everyone!


Leonard (from big bang theory)
Gravity Monkey
Dat Heatmor
Lil' Litleo
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