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Done Allow users to set Modchat for their PMs

While the current /blockpms allows one to block pms for everyone except global voices/staff depending upon the setting, it still will block a lot of PMs which could be of use to the user. Modchat would allow them to block non autoconfirmed accounts from messaging them while still being able to get other messages. This option could be extended to friends when the friendlist is implemented later on.

This setting could may be stored with other settings of client or maybe with the user object.

Rationale behind this feature is that trolls could still send inap etc messages to users even when unregistered and/or evading, so this would provide an initial buffer of autoconfirmed to the users as it's available for the rooms
Seems like a good idea,my only concern as a room staff is that sometimes users who can't talk in chat due to their account not being auto confirmed pm the staff if they have any questions and if the mod chat feature is implemented it may result in these people not knowing what to do. Now if this feature is something a user can implement at will then it's a different story

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