AAA Almost Any Ability Suspect: Zygarde

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I admit it's a good pokemon, but there are more OP pokemons that abuses certain abilites such as No guard Hypnosis Gengar, or Z hypnosis Xurkitree with ZAP CANON, or TRIAGE abusers that forces you to play magic guard and some bulky and stall pokemon with unaware. So that mean LIMITED TEAMBUILDING and an overcentralized meta. and only then, we can discuss about baning a good but not OP pokemon.

So, as far as i'm concerned, i vote for ZYGARDE: No Ban. Hope you take my request of suspectin those shitty broken abovementioned problems
This is a flawed argument - the suspect test is not to ask "what is overpowered?" but instead "Is [this item/move/ability/pokemon] overpowered?", and something being overpowered in your eyes does not make another pokemon not overpowered.
Hey, I did a reqs thing as AAAZ KuraiTenshi27
Gonna vote BAN because if there's a check, there's a viable set that beats it. Zygarde will always find a way to break through everything, higher overall bulk than Hippo means that it'll find a turn to set up, and Hustle/-ate Extremespeed means you can't even ice shard it. Now that we've seen it rip through Buzzwole-Fini teams, the fact that people even consider Misty Surge Avalugg stall speaks volumes about its centralization. Too much versatility and metagame dictatorship, too little counterplay. Get it out of here.

Offense stuff I used, because fast offense is the best defense:


Xtra Chirpz, AAA edition

Status spread + Z-Hex Gengar

Hail Offense, without a Nubbins

Weavile suspect when
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