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So the core metagames get SPL, the official metagames get Exhibition, but what about those of us who are still OMs? Well, they almost get Exhibition... or rather, they get Almost Exhibition! You'll be signing up as a team of three people and each week you'll be facing one other team in a set consisting of Anything Goes, 1v1 Bo5, and ZeroUsed, where the winning teams is the one that takes 2 out of the 3 games.

Tournament Rules:
  • This tour will be played by teams of three in Anything Goes, 1v1 Bo5, and ZeroUsed.
  • The team that wins two out of the three games in a week will move on to the next round.
  • The tournament is single elimination.
  • Replays are not required but it is preferred they are posted.
  • General tournament rules can be found here.
Please post your signup as the following format:
Team name:
Anything Goes:
Both teammates must like your post as confirmation.
You may sign up as a free agent. In that case, post the tier you want to play in your signup post. After signups end, I will randomly mix the free agents to create teams.

Check out threads for all 3 tiers:
1v1 resources
Anything Goes
Anything Goes resources
ZeroUsed resources

Signups will be open until Sunday January 27th!

Team name: Mysterious Noobs
1v1: RaJ.Shoot
Anything Goes: leo05051998
ZeroUsed: Elgino10

Team Name: LightLandoLystic
1v1: UBERLandon21
Anything Goes: Catalystic
ZeroUsed: LightPinkYoshi

Team Name: Free Bloo
1v1: ayedan
Anything Goes: Poison Adhesive
ZeroUsed: JdRDMS

Team name: TBD
1v1: MaceMaster
Anything Goes: Fardin
ZeroUsed: DurzaOffTopic

Team name: TBD
1v1: martha
Anything Goes: neomon
ZeroUsed: kay

Team name: We are not gay but Megagr is so freaking awesome
1v1: giove97
Anything Goes: Mammaluu
ZeroUsed: Klosterneuburg

Team name: TBD
1v1: ImKoolKidz
Anything Goes: 85percent
ZeroUsed: Quagg

Team name: daddario's groupies
1v1: Close
Anything Goes: Kebab mlml
ZeroUsed: Cheisoul

Team Name: Brave Birds
1v1: Lancer Fr
Anything Goes: 7Shoes
ZeroUsed: Me

Team Name: SCUM GANG
1v1: pazza
Anything Goes: Lux92
ZeroUsed: Gurpreet Patel (Sent you a Friend Request)

Name: no idea
1v1: ryyjyywyy
Anything Goes: Pigeons
ZeroUsed: czim

Team name: East Coast Squad
1v1: Huston
Anything Goes: jfehrman2005
ZeroUsed: Moron5

Team Name: Dead Simulator
1v1: Mikaav
Anything Goes: Hurricane69
ZeroUsed: HSOWA

1v1: MysticalHaze
Anything Goes: Ismailian
ZeroUsed: Dollainthewoods

Team Name: Trivia uwu
1v1: BigPimpin12
Anything Goes: Darthikyu
ZeroUsed: DanDaMan99

Team Name: Baboonians
1v1: Kaif
Anything Goes: SolarflareRo
ZeroUsed: imjustgray

Team Name: Lucky and Bad
1v1: Fantos13
Anything Goes: Sir Skaro
ZeroUsed: Ezaphs

Team Name: Other Metagangs
1v1: AllFourtyOne
Anything Goes: Paycard
ZeroUsed: Mirbro

Team Name: dak
1v1: SPACE FORCE meeps
Anything Goes: Finchinator
ZeroUsed: Sam

Team Name: no name
1v1: ggopw
Anything Goes : Satanic Beast
ZeroUsed: Persephone

Team name: Rocking Raichus
1v1: Hijasu
Anything Goes: GeneralGunderson
ZeroUsed: BloodAce0107

Team name: 5 mangoes
1v1: Ango
Anything Goes: 5gen
ZeroUsed: a fruitshop owner

Team name: team name
1v1: TonyFlygon
Anything Goes: rozes
ZeroUsed: obii

Team Name: TBD
1v1: Aaronboyer
Anything Goes: cromagnet42
ZeroUsed: RawMelon
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