Alolan Meowth [QC 0/3] working on Rowans!

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-fastest parting shot user
-very frail
-fastest unboosted dark type

name: Nasty Plot Pivot
move 1: dark pulse
move 2: hidden power [fighting]
move 3: nasty plot
move 4: parting shot / u-turn
item: life orb
ability: technician
nature: timid
evs: 76 Def / 196 SpA / 36 SpD / 196 Spe

-Dark pulse is special stab
-Hidden power fighting is technician boosted and hits dark/steel types and mostly pawn
-nasty plot is used for set up to sweep an enemy team when counters are gone
-parting shot allows for easy pivoting and makes enemies spa and att go down
-uturn is also for pivoting but can break sturdy and sash

Set Details
-EVs make you 19 speed to outspeed/tie with almost all of the tier and the max spa you can with 19 speed
-Life orb makes you be more powerful
-EVs in the defenses makes you less vulerable to prority and resisted special attacks
-19 hp so you dont take extra life orb damage

Usage Tips

-Use parting shot/u-turn when you cant kill something or you predict a switch
-dark pulse and coverage can be used early game to hit
-use hp fighting to hit darks/steels and most of all pawn
-nasty plot vs things that fear alolan meowth or cant touch you and try to sweep if you have a chance too

Team Options

-many things like spritzee, timburr, croagunk, and mienfoo wall this set so gothita is a great partner because it can trap these things and alolan meowth can pivot into gothita.
-other voltturn users can be used to create good momentum
-croagunk and foongus also beat timburr, mienfoo, and spritzee which wall alolan meowth
- salandit can come in on fighting types and spritz and set up np


Other Options


-thunderbolt to hit things like vullaby
-aerial ace to hit fighting types even though alolan meowth is a special attacker, you can also but some evs from spd into att if you would want to run this and change nature to Naive
-hypnosis to put things to sleep and pivot out but beware of miss
-fake out for prority and flinch ( Naive and att invest)
-darkium-z for -parting shot and z-dark pulse

Checks and Counters


-**Fighting Types**- Fighting types resist meowth’s stab and can deal a lot of damage back to meowth with the stab that they carry.

-**Fairy Types**- Fairy types like spritzee do not care about any of alolan meowth’s attacks. They resist dark pulse and hidden power [Fighting] which makes them a very good switch into meowth although some fear the pivot out into a trapper or counter.

-**Special Defence Tanks**- Pokemon like munchlax can switch into meowth’s special attacks fairly well and recover off the damage.

-**Vullaby**-Vullaby can switch into non thunderbolt variants of alolan meowth very well and take little damage from alolan meowth's stab.

-**Priority Users**- Alolan Meowth is very frail so a strong priority moves like mach punch, aqua jet, vacuum wave, and more really hurt meowth. Priority users must be removed for a meowth sweep to happen.
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not QC

explain why fast parting shot is good
add weaknesses to Fighting types and immunity to CM Gothita and Scarf Gothita to part about dark types

elaborate, especially on Parting Shot and Dark Pulse

Set Details
explain Nature and ability

Usage Tips
this entire section just seems to be more about the moves, please change some of it so it explains when and when not to set up and how to pivot

Team Options
add set-up Pokemon that can benefit from Parting Shot

Other Options
remember to include why these options are subpar

Checks and Counters
beef this up

This wasn't that long because there are a few points i didn't know where to include: You need a lot more information in every category, please add talk to Rowan about his recommendations, and fix up some grammar
Just found out that my understanding of the bullet point system was off. I thought i had to make my sections short and to the point! Will beef up more sections and fix.


The professor?
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hello ItzViper482 how are you?

It is of my opinion that a-meowth should have 2 sets, 1 being
dark pulse
hp fight
tbolt / parting shot??

the other being
parting shot
dark pulse
hp fight
@darkinium z

the first one should be called like Nasty Plot sweeper or something, and should primarily be 3 attacks, but can also use parting shot to add a bit of support early game.

the second set should be called something like Parting Shot support or something. This is more designed around the move parting shot, a pivot who can switch in and out throughout the game, and also use z-parting shot which makes it a really good support mon. taunt is cool here, because it can function well, disrupting walls, and then pivoting away with parting shot. also you can use darkinium z with dark pulse if you don't need to heal another mon to hit hard 1 time as well.

remember the hp fighting evs.
LO set should be
EVs: 200 SpA / 40 SpD / 200 Spe
IVs: 19 HP
Timid Nature

darkinium z should be
EVs: 36 HP / 200 SpA / 40 SpD / 200 Spe
Timid Nature

I'll qc it once you've changed it to 2 sets
yeah sorry im sick and living with 6 kids younger than me untill a bit after new years (not even the bathroom is safe from them) but i will deffo get back on the second either they leave or i have time im very sorry for the delay
Im the worst at unexpected delays sorry D: I am in the hospital rn cause I lost a lot of blood from chrons and I am very dizzy and unable to think. I should be fine but I can't work on this analysis for a bit (as in like 2-3 days) if you guys need this done faster I understand if someone else needs to take it. If not I promice when I get back to health I will work on it right away. Sorry!
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