Alphabet Cup

Goooooooood morning Alphabet Cup. Cryogenic freezing isn't all it's cracked up to be. Plus, I heard we got some new games, so I was thawed out for Sun and Moon! New games bring some very interesting things to Alphabet Cup. Obviously I can't foresee everything, but, here's a few quick things:

-Topsy-Turvy Thunderus, our lord and saviour from boosters, just got a bit of a debuff. Prankster now fails on Dark types. Why? Who knows. But, this leaves the door open for some potent Dark-type Shell Smashers to wreck a bit of face.
-Someone mentioned Accelrock, Anchor Shot Aegislash, and I'm already scared.
-S-types win out again, with the likes of Spirit Shackle, Speed Swap and Strength Sap.
-Beak Blast Bronzong and Darkest Lariat Diggersby sound like fun!
-Araquanid is scarier here, with priority in the form of Aqua Jet and stronger Bug STAB in Attack Order. And Accelrock if it's feeling spicy.
-The sheer banter of Cosmic Power Cosmoem. Super useful.
-In a world gone mad with priority, Psychic Terrain, Bruxish and Tsareena all have an interesting niche too.
-Z-moves, man. A lot of Pokemon could benefit from the likes of Z-Conversion, boosting all stats at once-- and the sheer power that can come from sneaky coverage Z-Moves is great. We'll see how they add to the Alphabet Cup meta!

To clarify, oooooobviously Z-moves are exempt from the name rule-- so you can't have, say, Breakneck Blitz as one of your standard moves. That sounds like a logistical nightmare. Will update the OP with that shortly.

Anything to add to the new generation of alphabetising? There's an interesting spell ahead!

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