Denied An idea for an article on Stall

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Hello, I'd like to write an article on Stall.

The topics I'd cover would be:
  • What is Stall?
  • What are the variants of Stall?
  • How did ORAS impact stall?
  • Trends that rose to beat stall
  • Good cores
  • Key terms
Basically everything I've covered in this thread
I'm not supposed to approve or refuse OU related stuff and I didn't play OU in few months but I think it's necessary to state an article about Sableye stall in ORAS OU has already been written few months ago and it's basically the only good thing that stall got in ORAS (that and Landorus getting banned) and probably one of the biggest types of stall out there, you can find it here. Your suggestion is a little bit more general so it may be accepted, the OU QCers are able to determine whether this is a good idea or not.
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Seconding Yagura's point. It's much too early to have another article on the same subject, so I'm going to have to reject this one.
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