All Gens Ancient Lower Tiers Premier League Second Volume Grand Finale Super Championship Cup Grand Prix (Won by Mistresses Misdreavus)


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Art by Kolohe
Hosted by BigFatMantis and Hiro'
Tournament Rules and Guidelines

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Second Volume Grand Finale Super Championship Cup Grand Prix:

Trailblazer Torchics (4) vs (6) Mistresses Misdreavus

RBY Ubers: Ctown6 v. YBW
RBY UU: Shellnuts v. Torchic
RBY NU: SEA v. Volk
GSC Ubers: cyberacc v. Chiles Habaneros
GSC UU + Muk: Mystras v. Real FV13
GSC NU: BeeOrSomething v. Banbadoro
GSC PU: BloodAce v. LpZ
ADV Ubers: SaDiSTiCNarwhal v. temp
ADV UU: JabbaTheGriffin v. Parpar
ADV NU: Stockings v. goldmason

GSC UU + Muk Challenge Code:
/challenge gen2uu @@@ +Muk

Trailblazer Torchics (0) vs (0) Mistresses Misdreavus

RBY Ubers: Ctown6 v. YBW
RBY UU: Shellnuts v. Torchic
RBY NU: SEA v. Volk
GSC Ubers: cyberacc v. Chiles Habaneros
GSC UU + Muk: Mystras v. Real FV13
GSC NU: BeeOrSomething v. Banbadoro
GSC PU: BloodAce v. LpZ
ADV Ubers: SaDiSTiCNarwhal v. temp
ADV UU: JabbaTheGriffin v. Parpar
ADV NU: Stockings v. goldmason

Deadline for matches is Sunday, February 25th @ 11:59 PM GMT-5. Good luck everyone!
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The Yatagarasu
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Nice to finally win a team tour as manager after finally losing in so many playoffs
Shoutouts time, not the most detailed bc I'm bad at them but:

YBW no lie I would've cried if I had to watch another week of 50 turns of para'd mewtwo vs para'd mewtwo, but you're a really cool guy, your prep in the other rby slots was rly valuable

Volk Another amazing player, going undefeated until finals after being slotted into RBY NU
Chiles Habaneros We finally won! Violet Vaporeons 2024 incoming :blobwizard:
Real FV13 One of the most helpful players on the team, helping with almost every slot, and ofc winning games too xd
Banbadoro Our GSC NU season wasn't the best, but thanks for stepping in and clutching for us two important wins
LpZ you're the fucking goat
Parpar CLUTCH!!! Not your best season but you won when it mattered. PO Bro :>
goldmason Had no idea who you were before the tour, but after all our ADV NU options went we took the chance on you.. and I'm really glad we did. Slow start, but from Week 3 onwards you were amazing, and ended up with the best record! ik you'll make it far as a player
Cao Jie Eledyr Mada ik two of you didn't play, but I really appreciate the support you guys gave :D
EllingtonReborn ty for support :blobthumbsup:
Glue ty for asking me to manage! You carried the ADV slots and was rly active in general, one day you'll get the chance to manage in SPL/SCL, and ik you'll kill it

Lastly ty BigFatMantis Hiro' for hosting, this was a pretty fun experience


Michael Mouse Is No Friend Of Mine
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Unfortunate end to a phenomenal season, but I'm really happy how far we've come. I'm glad I was able to take the Torchics to finals again, even if it didn't end up being a repeat.

The Squad
Teh You asked me basically out of nowhere if I wanted to captain ALTPL with you, and I felt like saying "sure." I'm glad I did. You're a great guy and a huge part of the formation of the team, though you stepped back during the season to let me take charge. Very glad I got to lead the Torchics with you
Stockings you were around from the beginning and stuck til the end. Season didn't go great and I wish I was able to help you better in your tier but you always tried and hung around, you're a great player and I'm sure it will go up from here
JabbaTheGriffin game didn't like you a lot and you've certainly got an interesting way of approaching the game, but you pulled through when you could and you're always fun
SEA I took a gamble buying you for a tier you'd never played before, and I'm glad I did. You did very well for someone new to the tier and it's always a joy having you around, can't wait to see you play more of this tier
SaDiSTiCNarwhal I'm not gonna lie I mostly ignored (though still acknowledged) that you said you wanted to play ADV in your signup LOL, but luckily for both of us you still got to play there 3 times against some of the best and balled the fuck out. In other weeks, you did what had to be done and filled in for RBY Ubers well too. Very glad to have had your services for the team
Ajencis Honestly I expected to start you in ADV Ubers more often, but in the weeks you did start you were great. Even when Narwhal was in the limelight, you hard carried support. You're the goat
BloodAce I bought you purely because I knew you from being on our GSC USA vs World team, and I don't regret it at all man. You dropped into a pretty uncharted tier and balled out with the best of them, hope to see you around more (maybe even in other GSC tiers)
Mystras great in GSC UU throughout the whole tour, clutched up in the most key moments. Enjoy your break man, it's well deserved
Shellnuts How you only went for 3k is astonishing, great steal. It was fun teaming with you again, you're a great player and a great guy
gastlies LOL GASTKIES ok honestly I mostly bought you because you're just an awesome person, and not only did that happen but you subbed in twice and clutched the fuck up, pop off girl
cyberacc From the beginning of draft planning you had always caught my eye, and it seems I found a hidden gem. You're super talented at GSC Ubers man, hope to see you maybe in UPL (if the managers actually buy you) :P
Zerkas ADV supersub Zerkas was not needed to sub, but you were still around. Don't regret buying you tho :V
Ctown6 CLOYSTER TOWN YEAHHHHHHHHHH unironically though I don't regret dropping a fat 10k out of nowhere on you. Only able to play 2 weeks but you still helped with support and as always you're awesome
Blue Cloyster never got to play a game but you were an amazing support for RBY UU and some RBY Ubers all throughout, hope to see you play the tier soon
MTB Supersub MTB didn't end up subbing, but I'm happy you were around for the ride
Celebiii Great GSC UU support throughout the tour and stepped up when you needed to, you've got some wacky ideas but you're a tryhard and a nice guy

s/o returning Torchics Stockings JabbaTheGriffin Shellnuts gastlies

The Supports
EllingtonReborn you were with me from the very beginning, you're an amazing ADV UU player and support and from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for being with the Torchics from start til finish
Isa completely hard carried the GSC Ubers support, I'm very thankful you came along for the ride to help Cyber out, you're also very funny (stop hating on Dugtrio though :V)
Sceptross you were hanging in the cord from quite early on in the containment zone, always great talking rby and stuff with you and you helped quite a bit with the ubers support
Wanted in 49 States very solid help with RBY UU and NU, thank you for helping the Torchics
RichardMillePlain amazing help with ADV Ubers especially when aj was starting, thanks for being with us richie
dawnbuster came in after the regular season to help out in GSC UU and you were helping me with GSC NU from the start, always a troll but always fun and extremely talented and you should be proud
MrSoup you helped me out with GSC NU from the very beginning week 2, I always enjoy being able to talk with you and bounce ideas off
pp's splash town came in for finals and really helped solidify our GSC UU, you're just an absolutely phenomenal player and a great and fun guy
NotVeryCake came along for the final week to help out RBY UU, unfortunately it didn't pay off but I thank you for helping anyways
nicole7735 you weren't actually in the cord and we didn't really interact with you but my sources tell me you taught SEA RBY NU, and that's enough to warrant a shoutout, so thank u

Free Pings
susciety I'm ngl I don't even remember why you were in here LOL free ping

Acetylaldehyde free ping
Shitrock enjoyer free ping
第二十五夜 free ping

s/o Pampu Gang 第二十五夜 Acetylaldehyde gastlies

I'd like to thank BigFatMantis and Hiro' for hosting and allowing Teh and I to manage a team, and I hope we showed why you were right to pick us. ALTPL was a complete blast once again :D

Lastly, I'd like to shoutout Torchic for giving me your blessing at the very beginning of the tour, unfortunately I wasn't able to buy you though :(
I will next time, trust, but I hope this time around I still made you proud.

The Torchics will be returning again, you better believe. We are coming for the second title. See y'all next year!
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