Gen 3 Anorith (NU Analysis)


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To be blunt, Anorith is nothing spectacular in NU. The major reason you would even consider bringing it is if Hitmonchan won't fit on your team as a spinner, ie. you want to use Hitmonchan as your late-game sweeper. In this scenario, the reason you would choose Anorith over Delibird or Wartortle is its decent base 75 Speed and resistance to Normal. Anorith's great base 95 Attack stat and good STAB moves mean it's at least not totally useless beyond Rapid Spin. Just be mindful of how frail Anorith is, and to seriously consider if you even need it to spin for your team to be successful.

name: Offensive Rapid Spin
move 1: Rapid Spin
move 2: Rock Slide / Rock Blast
move 3: Hidden Power Bug
move 4: Brick Break / Swords Dance
item: Choice Band / Leftovers
ability: Battle Armor
nature: Jolly
evs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe

- Anorith's good type coverage is put to work here, allowing it to force as many switches as possible and open up opportunities to spin
- After a layer of Spikes, CB Rock Slide will 2HKO Sableye, meaning it's tough for it to switch in and spinblock
- Rock Blast good alternative to Rock Slide if you want to be able to break Subs, on average Rock Blast will hit as strongly as Rock Slide albeit at lesser accuracy
- Brick Break best filler coverage to nail Mawile and Rock-types
- If not using CB, Swords Dance is best in the last slot to allow Anorith to wallbreak

- Adamant an option to open up a few KOes, such as a guaranteed 2HKO on Sableye with CB Rock Slide without Spikes. Jolly wanted though to Speed tie Kingler and outrun Timid Tangela
- Toxic and option in the last slot as it is probably Anorith's best way to cripple a few walls, such as Wailord
- Salac Berry an option as Leftovers isn't going to be doing very much, and most CB Normal-type attacks will push Anorith down to Berry activation, ie. CB Raticate and Pidgeot's Double-Edge do ~80-90%
- Need to seriously consider if Anorith is a better fit to your team than Hitmonchan, either because you're using Hitmonchan as a sweeper or you absolutely need Anorith's Normal resistance and Flying neutrality.
- Other Pokemon that need Spikes cleared, such as a Reversal sweeper or other frail sweepers like Pupitar, are needed teammates

[Other Options]
- Knock Off
- Rock Tomb

[Checks and Counters]
- Haunter can't switch into CB Rock Slide but counters the other 3 moves
- Sableye, needs to be careful if Spikes are down
- Mawile, Metang
- Relicanth
- Wailord, Whiscash
- Arbok

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