AG Anything Goes Fall Seasonal - Round 2

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C- at best tier predicts incoming..
edit: OKAY WHY IS THE WHOLE THING BOLD, edit 2: please give me hahas so unicorn has to run snom in ssnl, edit 3: one more haha please. edit 4: we did it gamers.
Round 2

Lilburr[/USER]  vs  ]Bread Sandwich AGL has the upper hand here. More experience with AG as a whole, and Lilburr seems to be more of a randbats player.
Stareal  vs  Andyboy OM goon. Needs nerf, please help.
byronthewellwell  vs  BaconEatinAssassin baconeatinGOAT
Sitonai  vs. ashmegaelitefour Sitonai seems p good.
jerryl309  vs  The Black Dragon[/USER] Jerry seems to have the upper hand, i am not sure who the black dragon is though.
eblurb  vs  Nevelle Nevelle, has the power of +.
Kaitlyn[/USER]  vs  Chloe Kate vs. Chloe already happened (share replays plox ;------;)
default0  vs  Fardin Default dominates both ubers and ag leaderboards.
The Bomb  vs  SerenalovesAsh1234
Pigeons  vs  Derpeddeath pidge pidge.
Velvet Blood  vs  lotiasite[/USER]
cromagnet  vs  Unicorns
Sificon  vs  arifgoku arifgoatku
Monsareeasy  vs  Tack :] Artic seems to have more exp.
YaBoiJD  vs  sweet heat[/USER] if you have kate on your side, you can do literally anything.
Calambrito48  vs  DerpyBoi
icemaster[/USER]  vs  (Winner of XenAlpha2020 vs Zrp200 )
WSun1  vs  Coxman
Birds30  vs  Chumgod "wow every predict in this post has me losing :fukyu: "
mistermath  vs  64 Squares
(Winner of ADF Test  vs ringlord ) vs  WolfishOne[/USER]
mc56556  vs  I I Eat Snoms yes i predicted myself to lose.
KJLX  vs  PinkDragonTamer

Link the Annihilator  vs  PurpleGatorade
52Gambit  vs  Zehedgehog
pazza  vs  dmbros
(Loser of ADF Test  vs ringlord )  vs  Annnnnlites
The Dragon Master  vs  RaJ.Shoot
The Thunderbirds  vs  HGgamer
FireBlastingNinetales  vs  BloodWillTell
sawamura  vs  The Prince of Milk
des121[/USER]  vs  Rhmsitb
Discoii  vs  (Loser of XenAlpha2020 vs ]Zrp200[/B] ) two birds one stone
Pkcoach  vs  Ainzcrad Ainz OP please nerf.
Meri Berry  vs. fluffygriffin idk
]NB40214[/B]1  vs  lph NB is WAY more experienced in the tier than Iph
MysticRain  vs  Poobanans
Sanskriti99  vs  johntown99 i side with my fellow john.
Geysers  vs  Shadowmonstr7 idk
frogger1387  vs  imjustgray kermit the froggo has the high ground.
Prankstermon  vs  Commander Drex
ShionShadows  vs  Kira Uzumaki shion seems good.
Hoopa590  vs  J1mm1P
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he hasnt replied so act?
ADF Test vs WolfishOne
ringlord vs Annnnnlites

I coinflipped the Zrp/XenAlpha game since neither of them bothered to comment on the thread even past the extension deadline.

Icemaster vs XenAlpha2020
Discoii vs Zrp200

if any of these four matches need extensions please let me know in the thread, but please try to get them done soon.

Additionally, as a note to everyone, please stop spamming the thread with these one liner posts that make no sense. There may be repercussions if they continue. Thank you for your patience.
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