AG Anything Goes Homefield Advantage II - Round 2


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Art by Albi
OP adapted from baconeatinassassin
Hosted by lotiasite
Welcome to the second iteration of The Anything Goes Homefield Advantage, a Type B tournament in the 2024 Anything Goes Circuit. Players will sign up with a generation of their choice for a best-of-3 single-elimination tournament, with the first game locked to SV Anything Goes. The loser of that game will then play their opponent in the generation they signed up with immediately, giving them a homefield advantage.

The generations of choice are: SS Anything Goes, USUM Anything Goes, and ORAS Anything Goes. Your chosen generation will be locked from Round 1 onwards, i.e. you cannot change it between rounds. This means that you may change your homefield generation before Round 1 officially starts, if you do change it then please let the host know afterwards.

Tournament Rules:
  • Matches are to be played on Pokemon Showdown!, preferably on the Smogon tournaments server as it automatically saves replays and it is easier to recreate games if necessary.
  • This tournament will be single-elimination, best-of-3. The first game will be in SV AG, and any remaining games will be in the homefield generation of the previous game's loser.
  • All replays must be posted, without exceptions. Any win post without replays will not be counted.

Round 2:

0.5Mirror  (SS) vs  polt (SM)
ballubhai  (SM) vs  Quick top 500 tho (ORAS)
PrimalKyogre (SM)  vs  LUCKYpREBEL (SM)
Cilen2.0  (SM) vs  gudwbs (SM)
Cutecat1122  (SS) vs  oscarisbetter (SM)
arpit (SS)  vs  entrocefalo (SM)
The White Room (SS)  vs  Geysers (SS)
Marino387  (SS) vs  zoopesh (SM)
big tony 2014  (ORAS) vs  Mcthelegit (SS)
kiboh no hana_hopeflowey  (SS) vs  Winner of [Lord Rekkuza (ORAS) vs Beleth (SS)]
Fc (SS)  vs  EntryHazardous (SS)
ismelllikesocksbro  (SS) vs  Slaw Goodman (SS)
09-10a  (SS) vs  Farce Of The Death (SM)
Jhnfui  (SS) vs  Bread Sandwich (SM)
BloodAce (SM)  vs  Squeeby (SS)

Deadline is 11:59pm GMT -5 Sunday June 16th. All replays are mandatory. Extension deadline is Thursday night
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