Project Anything Goes Player of the Week #3: Chloe

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how does gays feel about donald reagan
not. a. fan. thank pelosi he is going to be / was voted out :clap_emoji: :clap_emoji:

1. How is it like managing the success you garnered?
2. Is it pressuring being on smogon/discord?
3. can i have a team for tundra ag stall? asking for a friend
1. idk what this really means, in terms of playing or just on smogon in general? i don't really think about it either way
2. it's not most of the time, i wouldn't do what i do if i didn't enjoy it
3. if i had one i'd give one but i don't have the motivation to build one when the actual format is 5 days away and is gonna change drastically :(
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