Apprentice Program: Round Sixty Seven

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Username: pokemon0078
Age: 14
Pokemon Showdown Username: pokemon0078
Timezone: GMT -5, available pretty much from 6 pm forward until 10:30/11ish generally, you're most likely to catch me late every weekday. weekends are pretty much all day unless something comes up.
Tier: BW2 OU
Tell us a bit about yourself: I currently don't have much planned for my future but I'm interested in IT. I love going on Smogon and ladder when I have time on PS!, also I like to go on irc. I run cross country and am pretty good at it.

As far as battling is concerned, I would say I'm above-average. I can predict and analyze pretty decently, but I tend to predict without reason. I'd like to learn more about when to predict and how to build teams a bit better, as I tend to overlook things when teambuilding and/or add members that don't contribute to my intended goal. Quick, easy teambuilding that I can use in order to generally test things is something I'd like to learn some on. Oh, and I hate standard Deoxys-D, suicide lead for the win!

Requesting a tutor that goes on irc, that's how I want to be tutored.

I will edit in some preferred tutors after I look over the list.

Requesting Lavos Spawn or Harsha
Username: Alaster
Age: 25
Pokemon Online/Pokemon Showdown/Shoddy Username: Alaster
Your timezone and usual hours of availability: Weekdays between 7 am, and 3 pm (GMT -5)
What tier do you want to learn?: BW2: UU, NU, RU any of them are ok.
Tell us a little about yourself: I like to battle, and I'm a member of a real life Gym Leader group that goes to conventions, and hands out badges to trainers that can defeat us. I also recently made top 16 in the Toronto VGC.

I know I have under 25 posts, but I've been playing Pokemon since Red, and Blue, and I've always enjoyed the games. I really want to improve my skills, in team building, and prediction.
Username: Linkhawkins
Age: 23
Pokemon Online/Pokemon Showdown/Shoddy Username: Linkhawkins for PO and PS (I do not normally use simulators. )
Your timezone and usual hours of availability: EST, I am availible mostly M-F 8am to 4pm
What tier do you want to learn?: OU
Tell us a little about yourself: I have been playing Pokemon since the day Red and Blue came to the United States. I have played all versions of the main games (including green). I have been competitively battling for a little over a year now but I want to learn more and be much better. I learn quickly and work hard. I hope to get picked.

This is the first time I have ever applied.


Banned deucer.
Closing! Thanks to everyone who signed up. Pairings will be up on either Tuesday or Wednesday when I find the time to do them, so stay tuned!


Banned deucer.
  1. Alice - Pocket (DPP OU)
  2. august - Alaster (BW2 RU)
  3. BKC - Juicy Fruit (BW2 OU)
  4. Delko - El Rey (BW2 OU)
  5. dragonuser - Double01 (BW2 OU)
  6. DTC - ThisMysteriousGuy (BW2 NU)
  7. Fiction. - Lohgock (BW2 Ubers)
  8. Funkasaurus - Scubasteve23 (BW2 OU)
  9. Harsha - Azotal (BW OU2)
  10. HellPowna - FastFlygon (BW2 OU / DPP OU)
  11. HSA - Disaster of Scars (BW2 Ubers)
  12. JabbaTheGriffin - Awoken (ADV OU)
  13. Jimbon - The QWAZ (BW2 OU)
  14. Jirachi - xXPuppetMM2Xx (BW2 OU)
  15. Lavos Spawn - uvwxyz9 (BW2 OU)
  16. M Dragon - Living Things (ADV OU)
  17. Molk - Dr Ciel (BW2 NU)
  18. PDC - IbanezObsession (BW2 OU)
  19. Poppy - nwoskylite21 (BW2 Ubers)
  20. Ray Jay - dinosaurdan (BW2 LC)
  21. Steven Snype - Da Latter El (DPP OU)
  22. The Great Mighty Doom - FaceFaceFace (BW2 OU)
  23. Vinc2612 - Improbable (BW2 OU)
  24. Windsong - Redew (BW2 RU)
  25. yee - tjjerome (BW2 OU)
Here are your pairings for this round of tutoring. We have a grand total of one specialized BW2 UU tutor, and he's not tutoring at the moment. As such, I was unable to cater to any BW2 UU tutoring requests. Similarly, I was unable to satisfy most BW2 RU requests because of lack of tutors in the tier.

I gave priority to those who missed out repeatedly in previous rounds and gave those individuals tutors. If a tutor agreed to tutor you and you didn't receive said tutor, it's probably because I assigned them to someone who I gave priority to. As usual, timezones were taken into consideration when doing assignments to lessen time conflicts between tutor and tutee, and I also tried to give tutors to as many people who signed up first as possible.

If you have signed up constantly before and have received a tutor multiple times previously or are already relatively good, I did not give you a tutor because I want to give others the opportunity to have a tutor. If you didn't receive a tutor, the best thing I can say is to try again next time. Unfortunately, limited tutors and other factors restrict the amount of tutors we can assign to tutees.

Should there be any problems, don't hesitate to contact either myself or Nachos. If you are a tutor and are reading this and are willing to take on a second tutee, please do contact me via PM. Thank you and happy tutoring!
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